Testing Detox Diets

Do you also feel that most detox diets are quite useless? Many people aren’t really huge fans of these detox diets. Why? Because they think there’s no need to follow such difficult diets. Moreover, they require you to extremely cut down your calorie intake. And as a fitness enthusiast, you must know that you can do this to any other diet including similar foods. However, an exception to this is the sugar detox, for sure.

What makes the sugar detox so effective?

It’s effective because it aims to limit or entirely stop your consumption of carbohydrates, such as sugar. It has no or very little nutritional significance and still retains calories. Therefore, one needs to reduce sugar consumption to lose weight. However, you don’t need to go on a strict detox diet in order to lose weight. What you essentially need is the three things mentioned below:

  • Eating breakfast every day: In case you don’t know what you should eat for breakfast, you should go for a weight loss breakfast.
  • The knowledge of what to eat and why: Not following a diet and having zero ideas of what is right to eat won’t help you much. Gather information about the foods that can increase your odds of losing weight and plan a diet accordingly.

Regular engagement in physical activity: No matter if you’re doing heavy exercises or not, walking is a must. It’s indeed one of the best workouts to reduce weight fast. It might be a bit boring for you. In that case, you can also try swimming, rollerblading, hiking, and so on.

Now, what about Detox Diets?

Wondering about detox diets? Do they even work? Detox diets are actually effective. Let’s examine a few of them more closely. Life and Style recently put three detox diets to the test, and here’s what they discovered.

#1. Organic Avenue

Organic Avenue demands consuming at least five bottles of some unique vegan beverage per day. However, the question is if it really works? And the reviewer says that the juices and cold bottled “soups” go down nicely, and the mint-chips smoothie is delicious. Also, in just three days, it helped them to shed four pounds.

#2. Blueprint

It makes you take six liquid meals per day. These so-called meals basically provide your body with lots of chlorophyll, helping you lose weight and purify your system. According to the reviewers, “The green-vegetable juices and delicious raw-cashew milk made our skin healthier.” Above all, they were able to shed 5 pounds lighter in five days.

#3. David Kirsch’s LemonAid

LemonAid by David Kirsch sounds a lot like The Master Cleanse diet. It asks for four daily doses of intense lemon juice mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. This two-day detox gives you an energy boost and helps with hunger management quickly.