13 Best LogMeIn Alternative Of 2023

If your goal is to find the best LogMeIn alternative, you have taken the right step by coming to this page. Every businessman may understand how using an effective remote control device can increase productivity and the use of the rest of the brain. Anytime or everywhere, you’ll approach your promising business this way

On the other hand, if you have used LogMeIn before, you might already know that it is one of the most well-known remote access tools available. Interestingly, it is a remote access device appropriate for businesses and organizations alike. You can conduct business anytime you want with it. Additionally, it doesn’t matter where you live. For all enterprises, it is secure and practical. So, if you are in search of some quality alternatives to LogMeIn, let’s walk you straight through the list.

logmein alternatives

Best LogMein Alternatives


The product is not as strange as the name might suggest. Anyone who wants to enjoy remote access on their device would be happy to have NoMachine installed. Thanks to its unique NX innovation, it claims to be the fastest remote work area available.

The software has an intuitive user interface out of the box. However, the best part is that you won’t give up trying to connect to another PC. The reason for this is that all the steps you need to take to have the option to interface are easily accessible.

Additionally, NoMachine is free for individual use. However, if you intend to use it for your business, you must get a permit.

✔️ mRemoteNG

You can give mRemoteNG a try if you’re seeking a free tool for remote access or remote help arrangements. It is an open-source platform thought to be more advanced than many LogMeIn alternatives.

mRemoteNG is a configurable program that comes pre-built with a multi-selected interface. This tool comprehensively manages remote connections. Also, it features support for a large number of conventions. This includes VNC, RDP, SSH, HTTP/HTTPS, ICA, Telnet, Raw Socket, and log in.

✔️ The Editors’ Choice: AnyDesk

It’s a remote control device loaded with a ton of intuitive features that you can use for so many different things. AnyDesk is a special device. It enables effortless remote PC interaction.

Not only is this device speedy, but it is also easy to understand. Its robust construction is another feature that sets it apart from other LogMeIn alternatives. Moreover, you can enjoy a secure remote work area relationship with AnyDesk as well, regardless of your location.

So far, AnyDesk has recorded more than 100 million downloads. This should show how effective the tool is. With such a strong customer base, one can only hope for the best. Get AnyDesk right away! It is, in fact, free for personal use.

✔️ RemoteToPC

An excellent platform called RemoteToPC was created to provide remote IT managers and PC access with report support tools. The equipment is ideal for use in both the home and workplace. Furthermore, given the fantastic features it provides, it is also a good option in terms of spending plans.

Any business or industry can use this stage. It contains all the features necessary for you to enjoy remote controls. Along with remote access, RemoteToPC also gives you the ability to perform remote monitoring and alarms.

Also, you can screen PC health. However, that is just the beginning. All you need to enjoy this well-made programming is an online connection. You can instantly start a free trial to see if the item has all the features and quality you desire.

✔️ Join.Me

This is one tool that has captured everyone’s interest. However, it’s not because it is cost-effective or simple to use. It moves too quickly. One goal of the stage is to keep clients connected, regardless of location.

Join.Me got you all covered to participate in a video conference, phone chat, or screen sharing. On this level, you’ll also realize that you can adjust the meeting structure to spice up the interaction.

Additionally, it will allow you to invite people to participate in minutes, and the process is quite simple. You need to send them the code, and you can quickly find them in your meeting.

✔️ Splashtop

One of the best LogMeIn options you’ll enjoy using is Splashtop. Splashtop is easier to use than LogMeIn and consistently superior to it. The reliable tool Splashtop is also ideal for all businesses.

It’s not just the convenience of this device that you’ll find fantastic. Splashtop also provides a free option for personal usage, similar to what Teamviewer does. Furthermore, given how useful the technology can be, this is exceedingly lenient.

The free alternative, on the other hand, is only intended for private usage and belongs on your local home network. If you want to use it for business, you must pay. However, this way you will ensure excellent value for your money with a device that has more than 20 million users. As a result, you can use Splashtop for remote work area access. It also includes remote help arrangements.

✔️ Zoho Assist (User-Friendly LogMeIn Alternative)

It’s possible that you have already heard about “Zoho Assist”. In any case, keep in mind how long the company has been in operation. They don’t have just this remote access and support tool.

Zoho offers a broad range of programs with assured capacity. One of them is the robust Zoho Assist. It might surprise you to learn that LogMeIn doesn’t have as many features as Zoho Assist. So, it is a wise alternative for LogMeIn in this regard.

Again, Zoho Assist is comparable to the assignment whether you’re wanting to provide remote assistance. Also, it provides you with services like screen sharing or remote access. Along with ensuring consistent mixing, it enables you to provide remote assistance using an exhibit from working frameworks. You can offer support using the Windows, iOS, or Android operating systems.

✔️ WebEx

One product that disagrees that avoiding a company doesn’t mean you are missing out is WebEx. You can usually tell if things are progressing in the direction you expect using a good remote control device.

Similar to Skype, WebEx facilitates and simplifies group coordinated work. With it, everything takes place in one location. You can use it for screen sharing, document sharing, communicating, whiteboarding, and even video conferences.

Additionally, this device offers many estimating options and schemes. In this way, before parting with your cash, you can experience the benefits each arrangement offers you. However, to enjoy using this tool, be sure to go forward at a breakneck pace.

✔️ Connect to VNC (Popular LogMeIn Alternative)

Another screen-sharing tool that could challenge LogMeIn and other competitors is VNC Connect. Efficiency, safety, and competence! These three characteristics best describe this remote control device.

Additionally, VNC Connect changed its pricing options to provide customers access regardless of their budget. The estimation plans all support an unlimited number of clients, which is remarkable.

Besides, this remote control software connects reliably to many operating systems. These include Linux, Mac, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows, and other operating systems. You will also realize how simple it is to use the equipment. Simply download the VNC Connect viewer on the device you want to use for watching and the VNC Connect server on the PC you want to screen.

✔️ Chrome Remote Desktop

Google created the Chrome Remote Desktop program. And believe it or not, everything Google touches in terms of innovation is gold! One such tool is the Chrome Remote Desktop.

This instrument stands out mostly for its ease of use. To use it, you don’t need to be well-informed. Additionally, there is no membership plan like with other LogMeIn alternatives. Everything about the instrument, including access, is free.

Besides, Chrome Remote Desktop functions seamlessly on devices running every operating system, including Mac, Linux, Windows, and Android. In this way, give Chrome Remote Desktop a try if you require a free tool that can grant you remote access to your company’s or another PC.

✔️ Skype ( Widely Used LogMeIn Alternative)

Some advantageous features of Skype that increase profitability and give business owners a genuine sense of peace are also available. Customers have the option to effortlessly place video or sound calls. The voice clarity is another thing that distinguishes these highlights.

Surprisingly, Skype has undergone a series of improvements and has added a variety of highlights. The screen-sharing option is one of them. You can see what is on the screen of the person you are speaking with on Skype by using this screen-sharing feature.

Despite its highlight-rich UI, Skype has a natural feel to it. Furthermore, it is too simple to use. The group benefits as well from having calls organized.

✔️ TeamViewer

Perhaps TeamViewer is already running on your computer. But, even if you don’t use it frequently, you must be using it occasionally. One of the highly regarded tools used for remote access is TeamViewer. In fact, it comes in the list of the most popular remote control programming online.

Besides remote control, you can use TeamViewer for two or three more purposes. These include web conferencing, workspace sharing, document transfer between two PCs, and online meetings.

Moreover, TeamViewer offers a variety of plans, making it affordable for everyone. Downloading and using the device are permitted for personal use. In a sense, clients can access valuable TeamViewer highlights without having to pay anything. However, organizations are not eligible for this free license.


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