Roof East – London’s Best Rooftop Bar

Roof East is London’s largest playground which is full of enjoyment and scenic sights.


Stratford’s Roof East is a rooftop bar with a unique idea. It is similar to a playground for adults that is outdoors with a beautiful view of the London skyline.

Here you can play mini-golf, whack it in the batting cage, or play lawn bowls with your buddies. Alternatively, you can try House of Foos, a VR hybrid of classic football and table foosball, all up at this two-level, 30,000-square-foot rooftop park. Even better, you can practice some rooftop yoga to find inner calm. The options are essentially limitless.

Roof East is regarded as one of the best locations for a rooftop cinema in London. It’s an idea that is more popular outside of Europe but has recently made its appearance in London.

However, anyone who doesn’t want to watch movies or play video games can simply relax on the roomy rooftop patio. Drink wine, craft beer, mocktails, or a custom-prepared cocktail at the bar. Meanwhile, you can also get street cuisine from booths throughout the world.

The View

The rooftop’s interior design is incredibly beautiful, and it resembles a huge urban park. For example, some vehicles have trees inside of them. Additionally, there are many wooden benches and foldable chairs for seating.

Roof East, which is open till the end of September, truly embodies the adage “work hard, play harder”! The patio is over 18s only after 5 p.m., but on the weekends it’s a terrific place for the whole family.

What Roof East has in Store for us in 2023?

Roof East is bringing back its boisterous playground. And it’s even larger, better, and brighter than ever.

Roof East opened its doors for another rowdy run around in the sun in April. With that, it is bringing some color to the London summer.

In order to satisfy London’s persistent fascination with rooftop pop-ups, Roof East has worked its magic to transform an east London multi-story parking lot into a whimsical amusement park.

And this summer is set to be the finest one yet thanks to a fresh new look. No doubt that it’ll be an influx of tasty food sellers and entertaining events to keep you busy during the long summer hours!

Not to miss that entry to this enormous rainbow-themed playground is free. However, particular activities will cost you money. But, Roof East will soon add a new string to its rather colorful bow in the shape of free games.

Roof East is a particular favorite among the Secret London team for good reason. It shares the same category as Peckham Levels and Skylight in the “multi-story car parks turned event space” category.

But we say that during the 2023 season, that love affair is only going to intensify. Roof East gained a massive 30,000 square feet of sunny antics last year. Moreover, it had a fresh coat of paint to make the colors stand out even more. And Roof East has a ton more in store for us this season in 2023. Let’s see how.


At London’s largest outdoor playground, there is a lot to choose from. Old favorites Sluggers are back with their batting cages. Meanwhile, games like Birdies crazy golf and East London Bowls Club are also making a comeback.

Beat The Bar, an endurance test that requires you to hang from the Roof East bar for as long as you can, is also back in 2023. Along with it, coming back is the thrilling new game that debuted the previous year.

Moreover, this year, Roof East has an exciting new addition that makes a visit to the fun playground even more alluring. On the roof, a free gaming area will soon be available. This will allow you to compete against your friends to become the huge Jenga champion.

As entry to this brand-new area is also free, you can visit this sun-kissed scenery without breaking the bank thanks to the availability of Connect Four, Kub, Cornhole, and Table Tennis.


In addition, Roof East 2023 will see the return of the wildly popular Rooftop Film Club. This is the ideal opportunity to add a few celebrities to movie night while you take in the east London skyline and your selected movie. Freaks and Geeks is reportedly already scheduled for May 2023!

There will be a complete schedule of events to go along with the games. That will include pub quizzes, Jenga competitions, quiz nights, dance sessions by the Curve Catwalk, and the promise of a special Eurovision celebration.

The Food

This summer, Roof East will also welcome a slew of fresh street food vendors. For example, Cheeky Burger, which serves meat and plant-based patties, Piddaji, which cooks up Turkish flatbreads to stave off hunger, and Papi Chulo, which offers ‘pura cualidad’ (pure quality) Mexican cuisine.

You should undoubtedly try Roof East’s version of an Aperol Spritz (the Britz Spritz). This is made with Beefeater gin, elderflower, apple, fresh citrus, cucumber, and prosecco since it’s summertime.

Another common option is rum, and their Yellow Bird cocktail is sure to go well with that dose of sunlight. So, toast those beautiful sunsets while enjoying a round of your preferred beverage. There’s also wine, beer, bubbles, and more cocktails.

Still, have some questions about Roof East?
What is the dress code at Roof East?

The Roof East has a casual dress code.

What cuisine does Roof East offer?

Roof East serves Pizza, Indian food, and other types of street food.

Are kids permitted at Roof East?

On weekends, accompanied minors (under 18) are allowed at Roof East until 5 p.m.