Different Types Of Protein Supplements Explained

The most often used dietary supplement is protein powder. Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, bodybuilders, and sportsmen use a variety of protein supplements to make sure they are properly fueled for their rigorous training sessions. Protein supplements help people achieve their dietary objectives. Moreover, it helps you gain muscle and reduce your body weight. However, with so many options available, one could be unsure about which kind of protein supplement to choose.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the different types of protein supplements. Moreover, you’ll learn what suits your body better and what protein supplements you can avoid.

Types of protein supplement

Let’s go over the various protein types and what they have to offer.

✔️ Whey Protein

The most prevalent kind of protein you are familiar with is whey protein. It’s a dairy product made from cow’s milk. Also, Whey is popular as to be the highest-quality protein source since it contains amino acids and is easily absorbed. It contains all nine of the essential amino acids required for normal physiological function. Therefore, Whey is a “complete” protein.

It comes in three different subtypes: concentrate, isolates, and hydrolysate. Up to 80% of the protein in whey concentrate and up to 90% in whey isolate is pure protein by weight. On the other hand, most consumers find whey hydrolysate products palatable since they are quickly digested by the body and treated with either enzymes or acids.

✔️ Casein Protein

Another milk component used to produce cheese is casein protein. The slower rate of digestion between whey and casein is the primary distinction. Bodybuilders often use it before bed to get a gradual release of amino acids all night long. However, Casein protein is the preferred choice for specific bodybuilding objectives as it helps with muscle retention and recovery.

✔️ Egg Protein

If you can’t digest whey or casein or have a milk allergy, egg protein is a fantastic substitute. Egg contains a high-quality protein with enough amounts of essential amino acids. It not only offers one of the best sources of protein but also crucial nutrients. Additionally, eggs include important micronutrients and minerals known to lessen hunger and promote weight loss.

✔️ Plant-Based Protein

These types of supplements can provide a significant amount of protein. However, you need to make sure they also contain important amino acids. On the other hand, if you are lactose intolerant, plant-based protein supplements are also a suitable choice. Choose a plant-based protein powder made from peas, rice, or pure soy. These are the only sources of full plant protein. It is also popular as a mixed protein.

Since animal proteins are “complete,” they include every amino acid that your body requires. It often mixes proteins such as hemp, soy, rice, and pea to provide a full complement of amino acids.

The advantage of these blended proteins is that they are plant-based. Also, it doesn’t compromise any of the essential amino acids that your body needs to develop muscle, boost immunity, and keep your heart healthy.

✔️ Soy

The protein content in soy milk is 7 grams per cup. Meanwhile, concentrated soy protein powders can have higher levels. Research from Japan appears to support the widespread belief that soy protein lessens hot flashes. However, it’s crucial to note that this study didn’t contain soy protein powder. For people who aren’t sensitive to soy, soy protein appears to be an excellent source of protein overall.

✔️ Rice

Rice protein shakes may be helpful for those looking to grow muscle and shed fat. However, you should know that rice protein does not contain all nine amino acids. Researchers found that participants who consumed rice protein shakes after resistance training for eight weeks saw similar health benefits to those who consumed whey protein. The study compared rice protein isolate with whey protein. Those who can’t or won’t consume animal-based protein to support their exercise regimens might find this information useful.

✔️ Hemp

Contrary to popular belief, hemp protein is lawful and won’t make you intoxicated. It consists only of the protein found in hemp seeds made from Cannabis sativa L. plants. These tiny seeds are frequently mixed with other proteins to create and they are not a complete supply of protein.

Omega-3 fatty acids, 75% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium, and other minerals like zinc, manganese, and phosphorus are all found in hemp seeds. These are popular as superfoods.


There are several excellent brands to pick from that offer premium protein supplements. Make a list of your fitness goals before deciding. Also, make an informed decision on the best protein supplement for you by doing your own research and speaking with your doctor. This way, you’ll get closer to your intended goals with discipline, hard work, the proper diet, and patience.