Carrie Underwood: Weight Loss, Diet, and Workout Revealed

Carrie Underwood is a star we can’t get enough of. Of course, one can’t blame us. Isn’t it? The famous country singer and fitness guru might be in the best shape in her life. Her diet and workout routine are what fitness enthusiasts are talking about the most these days.

We, along with sources, have already published about Underwood’s diet and workout. However,  the recent issue of Us Weekly magazine sheds some more light on it:

The secret of Carrie Underwood dramatic weight loss

The gorgeous Idol ramped up at the Billboard Music Awards on December 5 looking shockingly trim. For someone of her age, and especially a mother of a newly born, losing weight is a real task. However, Underwood has gone to successfully discard this notion wrong. And if you are also looking forward to taking some inspiration from her, here are the things to note down

The makeover

“She certainly appears a few sizes down,” Carrie Underwood’s stylist, Trish Townsend to Us. The 5-foot-4 American Idol Season 4 champ, was a size 6 during her contestant days. Now, her weight has gone down with a drastic shift.

“Right now, she’s bouncing between a size 4 and a size 2,” says the former stylist Miles Siggins. She was the one who clothed the Grammy-nominated singer for her Idol run. Additionally, Dr. Fred Pescatore, writer of The Hamptons Diet, counters, “She may have dropped too much weight and she looks amazing.”

What does she eat?

Despite losing weight swiftly, Pescatore believes to have reduced 15 to 20 pounds since her Idol days. Underwood maintains a nutritious diet, according to Us. The 23-year-old vegetarian country singer says,  “It’s a big NO to eat junk food after shows.” 

Carrie Underwood claims to be a  vegan. However, she isn’t fussy about her food being completely vegan. To her, where the food comes from is what matters only.

Her plate usually contains veggie burgers, soy-based sausages, and sometimes protein bars “in a pinch.”

Carrie Underwood Workout routine

Underwood has a flexible workout routine. She switches up her workout regimen and eats differently as a result. 

“I have a treadmill,” says Underwood. She doesn’t have a personal trainer and instead swims whenever she has the opportunity. Moreover, she adds “Bouncing around onstage is a workout in and of itself.”

Kathy Kaehler, the author of Fit and Sexy for Life, agrees, estimating that Underwood might burn up to 700 calories while performing: She further adds  “If one does it every night, they’d certainly notice a difference.”

“She has tremendous natural muscle tone,” stylist Townsend adds of Underwood, who apparently “ate a lot” while on Idol. Melissa Schleicher, on the other hand, who was Underwood’s makeup artist, says, “She just works hard and watches what she eats.”