The Top 6 Destinations For Vegans

A plant-based diet is growing in popularity across the globe. Moreover, eateries, food carts, and cafes are realizing that if they can’t keep up with the demand for vegan food, they risk falling behind. In this case, it can be very challenging for vegan tourists. We know that some regions have yet to accept veganism. So, for those who wish to be able to eat interesting cuisine when they are overseas, it isn’t sure if they’ll find vegan places. However, the days of having few food options are long gone if you master this guide to the greatest places to travel as a vegan.

Top 6 places to travel if you’re a vegan

Here is a list of some of the best destinations to travel to if you’re a vegan:

✔️ Ireland

Perhaps surprisingly, Ireland has developed into a hub for traveling vegans despite its significant investments in dairy and animal husbandry. In the city’s capital, many restaurants serve only vegan food. Moreover, many more offer customers at least one vegan choice. The magnificent Wild Atlantic Way has several cafés and restaurants selling vegan food. In fact, both nature lovers and history buffs like this place so much. Moreover, Dublin isn’t the only city that has a lot of vegan outlets.

✔️ Italy

The birthplace of pasta and pizza, Italy has much more to offer than the common misconceptions about it. Even if you are in a restaurant that is obviously not vegan, you won’t have any trouble ordering a vegan dish here. Some places offer vegan substitutes for meat and dairy. Why is it so simple? When you tell your server you are vegan, they will undoubtedly be able to provide at least one vegan meal. And the reason behind this is that fresh produce is an essential part of the Italian diet. It includes fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and olives. So, you can always get a pizza without cheese, and even the pasta is probably prepared with durum wheat rather than eggs.

✔️ Thailand

Like Italy, Thailand is famous for its fresh food. There are markets for fruits and vegetables practically everywhere. You will find eateries that take delight in using local ingredients to create innovative recipes. So, you’ll just have to tell your server that you are a vegan and confirm that any vegetarian dishes you are considering do not contain dairy or eggs. Besides, Thailand has a large population of Buddhists. It’s a faith that values the protection of all animals. Thus, perhaps veganism is not a foreign concept to those who live there. You might find Holidayshub.Com useful if you want a little more background information on holidays in Thailand.

✔️ America

Although America is not a vegan sanctuary everywhere, there are some areas where veganism is relatively common. Restaurants now need to accommodate the rising trend. The reason behind this is that 6% of Americans are now vegan according to One Green Planet. So, here a vegan will feel right at home in a number of popular cities. These include New York, Portland, L.A., Seattle, and Miami. Here you’ll find an abundance of vegan cafes, bakeries, restaurants, and bars.

When you are committed to a vegan diet, going on long-term travel is no longer a terrifying notion. So, get your passport and start exploring!

✔️ Peru

It is home to some of the most nutrient-rich plant-based foods in the world. No matter where you go, quinoa will be on every restaurant menu in Peru.

For tourists looking for the best vegan cuisine, Cusco is a special must-visit. The city’s Green Point vegan restaurant serves everything from vegan grilled platters to smoked sushi with cashew cream cheese. Moreover, the Shaman Vegan Raw Restaurant in Cusco invites visitors to “experience the authentic flavors of Shamanic Life through their particular section of Power Foods and Power Drinks.” Here you will find a wide variety of alternatives, including raw food.

The capital of Peru, Lima, will astound you with its raw burgers. Additionally, you will love to taste the mixed bowls and sweets as well as its vegan eatery. Even some places serve everything from vegan pizza and mushroom skewers to milkshakes.

So, don’t forget to stock up on some of the greatest dairy-free chocolate available by visiting Peru.

✔️ Jamaica

Beyond its brilliant white dunes and extensive Bob Marley heritage, this Caribbean island has much more to offer. The Rasta community has a plant-based diet, thus it’s simple to get classic vegan cuisine there.

An excellent reason to travel to Kingston and Ocho Rios is the presence of Mi Hungry Whol’-Some-Food. This vegan restaurant serves raw vegan dishes like pizza, pies, burgers, and fresh juices.

While you’re there, make the most of the country’s fresh juices as well. Taste hibiscus juice, June plum juice, and sugar cane juice as all belong on your list of must-try beverages. Visits to Jamaica must also include sampling the country’s widely accessible coconut jelly water, sold at roadside stands.