Top Martial Arts Techniques for a Flexible Body

When we hear the word flexibility, many questions might come to our mind, like what is flexibility? Why do we need it? Do we really need to be flexible? How can we be flexible? and many more.

Have you ever picked up a 25 liters water can? And if yes, then did it hurt your back? Or did you find it a bit difficult to pick it up? If the answer to all these questions is YES, you need some flexibility in your body. Also, in ancient times, when there were no machines, people performed all their work using their hands and legs. And due to this, all the people of that era had great flexibility.

From climbing the tree to drawing water from the well, our ancestors worked hard for everything as nothing was easy at that time.

Even if you look at your grandparents or great-grandparents, they also like to do everything independently and walk around in the garden or walking areas in this old age.

Do you think we will be as flexible as our grandparents when we reach their age? We will need to fight to age using different ways to keep ourselves healthy. Therefore to achieve a healthy body, one of the best ways is to perform Martial Arts. It makes you more flexible, helps you stay fit, relaxes all your muscles, and feel young.

Why do you need a flexible body?

Flexibility is required to perform each activity with ease. Along with eating healthy food and performing physical activities, we also need to improve the flexibility of our bodies.

Flexibility is required when you get out of your bed, wake up, sweep the floor, carry your children, etc. As we age, our body becomes stiffer due to the loss of muscle strength. Also, the bones and joints seem to be less active.

Therefore, to improve this state at old age, you need to learn a few martial arts techniques to regain your body’s flexibility.

Top Martial Arts Techniques For Achieving Flexible Body

One of the main reasons for performing martial arts is achieving flexibility, which is crucial for looking and feeling 10 years younger. If you start performing these martial arts techniques, you will regain flexibility and feel like you are 20 years old.

You need to perform these exercises for at least 3 – 5 minutes a day. It is okay if you cannot hold the position for a long time. These exercises will help you maintain a good figure and relax your muscles.

#1. Horse Stretch

First, open your legs at your shoulder’s width. Then hold your knees and push your hips downwards to a lower squat. Then move your shoulders to the right side and slowly drop to the ground. Now, repeat the same flow for the left side.

Repeat this 10-12 times for each side. In the initial stage, you might find it challenging to stay in the squat position for a long time.

Therefore, try to relax your muscles, and if you start feeling uneasy or in pain, then slowly exit the stretching position. Try as much as you can without straining the muscles. But if you feel uneasy, relax your muscles immediately.

#2. W Stretch

Initially, stand straight with your shoulder and feet apart. Bend forward and grab both your knees with your hands. Now touch your right knee with your head, and stretch your left knee.

Repeat the same procedure with your left knee. Now try to touch your head to the ground. You can even touch the ground with your elbows. Try to hold each stretch for at least 3 to 5 seconds.

#3. V Stretch

Sit on the ground and stretch your legs as wide as you can. Keep your back straight and slowly lean towards the left to touch your knee with your head. Now, repeat the same with your right knee.

Come back to the original position and touch the ground in front of you with your head. Repeat the stretch 10 -12 times, and if you are unable to touch the knees or the ground with your head, you need to know that your hips are inflexible.

#4. Hip Stretch

Kneel down on your knees and stretch yourself as much as you can till your hips and head are touched to the ground. For making this stretch a bit easy at the initial stage, you can use your hands to balance yourself on the ground.

Now slowly try to touch the ground with your elbows and then your head and hips. Now, try to hold the last position for at least 5-10 seconds. Then try to repeat this 5 times you are comfortable working with it. Else, you can take a few more days to get used to it.

#5. Back Stretch

Sit on your legs and try to bend back as much as you can to stretch the hips and the muscles of your back. You can use your hands to support yourself; therefore, try to bend as much as possible without putting much stress on your back.

#6. Neck Stretch

Stand straight in a relaxed position and rotate your neck in a clockwise direction for 10 times and then in an anticlockwise direction for 10 times. You can drop your neck forward and backward to make it more effective. Repeat it 10 times, and you will get relief from the neck pain. While doing this exercise, you can also feel the stretch from your spine.

#7. Shoulder Exercise

Stand in a straight position and raise your hands and shoulders upward. Now. Move your shoulders forward or backward in the circular motions 10-12 times.

#8. Hip Rotation

First, stand with your feet apart, at the level of your shoulder. Now, put your hands on your waist and move the entire body in the clockwise direction 10 times and then do it in an anti-clock direction 10 times. While doing this exercise, you will immediately start feeling the difference in your hips.


You must be active like you are in your twenties and try to get used to these stretches. Perform these stretches as much as possible, but don’t overdo them. I hope these martial art techniques will bring a tremendous positive change in your life.