Kristen Bell’s Beauty Routine and Product List

Kristen Bell is one of those actresses that has had a lengthy and successful career. She is also a favorite of a large number of people. Her voice will be familiar to millennials as the narrator from the cult TV program Gossip Girl. Moreover, we know her as the title character Veronica Mars from another hit TV show, Veronica Mars. Meanwhile, Gen Zs know Kristen as Princess Anna from the Frozen films, and the actress from ‘The Good Place.’

Bell is a “cultural figure,” according to Allure, with a fan base ranging from 4 to 40 years old. Not to mention that her young appearance is similarly adorned. And now, most people would be startled to learn that she is already in her 40s. Having said that, let us tell you that while most actresses her age follow a tight beauty routine, Bell’s skincare is quite simple. Want to know what is her beauty routine and what products she uses? Read on to find out.

Kristen Bell’s minimalist skincare routine

The secret of Bell’s youthful skin is that she prefers to keep her skin makeup-free. The 40-year-old actress gets glammed up for work. However, she loves to keep it natural in her everyday life. As a result, she’s always beaming.

Bell follows a simple and minimalist beauty routine. But, she makes sure that she is abiding by her skincare routine every day.

Here’s what her minimal routine looks like:

✔️ She always takes off her makeup before going to bed

Bell never goes to bed with makeup on. She prefers to double cleanse by removing the day’s makeup with a wipe or coconut oil. Then, she’ll follow up with a more thorough cleaning.

According to Bell, good skin starts with twice cleansing. She implies taking off the makeup first. Then use a cleanser so it can operate without any interference to clear out the pores. Moreover, since Bell makes sure to go to bed with clear skin, she often skips cleansing in the morning. It makes her skin retain the natural oils produced during the night, which is eventually good for her skin.

✔️ Bell likes to heavily moisturize her skin

Heavy moisturizer is a factor for her healthy, glowing beauty. She likes to perfectly hydrate her skin and often picks a heavy moisturizer.

✔️ If necessary, she uses a facial oil

Bell’s makeup artist stated she will use facial oil if needed because she has dry skin. Bell tries to be more organic with her skin. Since her skin tone is dry and lighter, oiling helps to keep it dewy and youthful naturally.

✔️ She uses face masks to treat her skin

Kristen has become more careful of ingredients as she has grown older. As a result, she prefers clean goods whenever possible. Her skin is delicate, and therefore she avoids face peels and instead opts for a hydrating face mask. 

✔️ Lastly, sunscreen is a must 

Bell finds that using sunscreen is the most practical beauty practice that gives the best results. According to her, it is the reason why she’s been able to preserve a youthful appearance. She says she adores the sun. However, it is not her friend. So, the most practical aspect of her beauty routine is putting on sunscreen every morning.

What beauty products Kristen Bell uses?

Here is the list of some beauty products that Kristen Bell is ‘absolutely addicted’ to:

✔️ Clarisonic Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Bell says she’s “completely addicted” to her Clarisonic cleansing brush, according to Byrdie. She claims that chemical peels and exfoliating acids are too harsh for her skin. Thus, for regular exfoliation, this device is the finest option for her. Clarisonic, unfortunately, has already closed down. On the other hand, Bell says she’ll find a replacement “hell or high water” if her Clarisonic breaks. She jokes that she would even buy one on the illicit market. However, Clarisonic fans can still find them on Amazon, thankfully.

✔️ La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizer

Bell prioritizes quality above quantity. She attributes her youthful appearance to the costly Crème de la Mer Moisturizer. According to US Magazine, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, and Chrissy Teigen are other celebrities that use expensive moisturizers.

✔️ Nemat’s White Mask

Bell enjoys clean and light scents, recalling her mother wearing white musk when she was a child. She likes the aroma so much that she now wears white musk as well. Also, she says that fragrance has an impact on her mood. Therefore she uses it sparingly on her wrist and behind her ears.

✔️ Tata Harper Anti-Aging Neuropeptide Blush

Bell favors multi-tasking cosmetics. She applies this blendable formula to her lips, cheeks, and eyelids. Moreover, she prefers the terracotta tone of Very Naughty, one of five shades available from Tata Harper. However, her go-to look is a vivid lip.

Kristen Bell on Happy Dance

Bell created the Happy Dance skincare line with Lord Jones, a wellness company. It is her first effort in the skincare sector. Bell created three CBD items for her first line. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring chemical in hemp plants. And no, the goods will not get you high, as assured by Happy Dance.

The Head-to-Toe CBD Coconut Melt, a fragrance-free multi-use balm, is Bell’s favorite product. It’s a moisturizer, a hair mask, a makeup remover, a lip balm, and a cuticle cream for her. Also, she shaves her legs with the balm.

The All Over CBD Body Butter and Stress Away CBD Bath Bomb are the other two products in the Happy Dance collection, along with the coconut balm.

The products are now available online at, according to Allure. Also, it’s available on, according to Byrdie.