Hermès Beauty’s Spring-Summer Collection

Hermès has been a family-owned, independent French house for six generations. And now with a line of wonderful products, Hermes Beauty is expanding its business.

The brand is globally celebrated for its vibrant and luxury makeup range. Moreover, Hermes Beauty’s spring-summer makeup collection is something makeup enthusiasts highly obsess over.

So, if you’re too into makeup and beauty, here’s all you need to know about Hermes Beauty’s exclusive spring-summer collection.

Hermes Beauty Rose Hermes Spring-Summer 2021 Collection

The Hermes Beauty collection, designed by French fashion designer Pierre Hardy, comes in a sleek compact package. It has eight tones of silky blushes, two brushes, three lip enhancers, and a blush case. This collection follows in the footsteps of the previous product lines. It focuses on luxury, but also on products that are modern, durable, and refillable. Here are some of the highlights from the 2021 collection:

✔️ Rose Hermes Silky Blushes

The Hermes Beauty Silky Blushes have a characteristic delicate smell produced by Swiss perfumer Christine Nagel. Also, she is the Director of Hermes Parfums, with packaging designed by Hardy.

It has arnica notes and a thick, earthy sandalwood aroma. Moreover, it has a crisp leafy touch of green tea.

Aside from the intriguing aroma, the Rose Hermes velvety blushes come in eight different colors. It ranges from pink to light browns and corals.

Rose Apricot and Rose Blush are two of the hues available.

It had a light orange and pink combination, ideal for fair and medium complexion tones. Meanwhile, the latter had a pink and coral mixture.

Rose Plume, pink-toned blush with a tinge of blue, and Rose Pommette, a brilliant, dazzling pink hue, are two options if you’re seeking smooth blushes that lean toward the pink tint.

Moreover, Rose Hermes silky blushes have Rose Ombré, Rose Tan, Rose Nuit, and Rose Poivré. These give brown tones with a trace of pink. However, this one is only available in Asia.

Furthermore, each velvety blush costs $115 and contains mineral powder. It is an antioxidant powerhouse, vitamin E, and a sheer watercolor-Esque radiance that creates the ultimate sun-kissed hue.

✔️ Hermes Beauty Blush Case

The refillable blushes come in a Pommette case with the Hermes emblem. Additionally, it has an adjustable strap that you can wear as a sling bag or on the shoulder. Moreover, it can fit both the Rose Hermes velvety blush and the Travel Blush Brush, which is surprising.

✔️ Rose Hermes Travel Brush

The sumptuous beauty experience will not be complete without a blending brush. Thus, the collection made sure to include a Travel Blush Brush.

The new set includes an angled face brush and a portable brush, Therefore, it’ll be ideal for you to contour or accentuate the cheekbone with a soft blush.

It is made of silky goat bristles, created by a French brush craftsman.

The blush brush costs $153 and the travel blush brush costs $77 among the travel-friendly cosmetic products.

✔️ Rosy Lip Enhancer

Last but not least, this collection includes the Hermès Beauty Rose Lip enhancers.

The Rosy Lip Enhancer is a trio of translucent and sheer lip cosmetics with a rosy pink undertone. It’s made up of a hydrating balm that has a luminous look and is extremely nourishing. So, it helps you to have glossy lips alongside keeping them healthy.

The Rouge Hermes Spring-Summer 2022 Collection

Rouge Hermes is an entire range dedicated to the art of lip beauty. Pierre Hardy created objects that are poetic, useful, and refillable. It’s a sturdy piece made of lacquered, polished, and brushed metal. Moreover, a canvas pouch covers it while it slides into its little orange box. The new Rouge Hermes assortment contains fun lipstick hues you’d surely love to have close to your heart.

What does the new collection contain?

The trio of hues, inspired by an artist’s garden, conjures up images of a lovely spring morning. Additionally, it tries to portray the harmony between sky, sun, and water. The lipsticks have a new light finish that gives them a glossy, translucent appearance. It is the most important item for lip care as well as achieving the natural blush.

Rose Nymphéa, Orange Capucine, and Beige d’Eau are the three shades.

Rose Nymphéa is a light pink tint with lilac undertones, reminiscent of pink skies above the azure ocean.

The Orange Capucine is a brilliant, rosy orange that recalls a sunny touch of joy.

Meanwhile, Beige d’Eau takes inspiration from crushed almond blossoms and has a shimmering nude finish.

As with previous Rouge Hermès editions, Swiss perfumer Christine Nagel enhanced the application process with a signature aroma. It’s a pleasant blend of arnica, sandalwood, and candied angelica.

The beauty case

New and brilliant colors have been added to Hermes’ now-iconic casing. The popular shoe and jewelry maestro Pierre Hardy has designed it. This edition creates an ethereal dream of a well-kept garden. It creates a chrome of neon orange, bright green, and bold red to impressionistic tones of lilac-blue and mist green. The limited-edition colors do not have refills. However, you can use the lacquered box for other Rouge Hermes tones.

Consider golden hours, leafy arches, and blooming gardens. These are all complemented by your glowing lips. So, it won’t be wrong to say that for environment lovers and lipstick fanatics, this collection is a dream come true.