Kendall Jenner As Estee Lauder’s ‘Modern Muse’

“Why have one ad when you can have two…at the same time?”

This is what Kendall Jenner posed on Instagram with photographs of her Estee Lauder ad.  It was around the time of her new campaign for the fragrance Modern Muse Le Rouge by Estee Lauder.

Kendall as the face of Modern Muse Le Rouge by Estee Lauder

The supermodel who’s everyone’s muse has become the popular face of Estee Lauder. Kendall Jenner has taken the modern world through wonderful collaborations. And among these partnerships, the most successful has been the Estee Lauder collab. Kendall portrays the lady who is the face of the brand’s strong new smell. Let us tell you the brief story of their partnership.

Modern Muse Le Rouge in a brief

Estee Lauder introduced the Modern Muse fragrance in 2013. No doubt the fragrance gives you a heavenly and luxurious experience. However, what people like the most about this brand is its unique way of commercializing. The brand sees women as muses, enjoying life on their own terms. It embraces the idea of women doing great things and inspiring those around them. And the similar idea receives a beautiful reflection in Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse campaign.

The campaign

Their in-house creative team along with some amazing peers work really hard. They often bring out themes revolving around ‘women’ and ‘what inspires them’. That being said, the Modern Muse Le Rouge is not an exception.

The team along with Jenner herself has put a lot of effort into promoting the new fragrance. They were teasing it for very long and when it came out, it was all worth it.

The ad, directed by award-winning music video director Jonas Akerlund, emphasizes modern femininity. Moreover, the scent’s confident and sensual appeal got a hike through Jenner’s easy elegance and flare. She’s been seen halting breaths and turning heads with every step she takes in this video shot in Los Angeles.

A stylish behind-the-scenes film of the campaign was also released by Estee Lauder.

According to Karyn Khoury, senior vice president, of Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide, The Estée Lauder Companies, it wasn’t just about projecting the scent of red. But, the campaign wanted to simply convey a state of mind, a bright, theatrical attitude. Moreover, through Jenner’s unwavering confidence, glamor, and sophistication, it was to show how this woman inspires others. Every element in the fragrance was chosen with care to reflect her desire to be noticed.

The scent

Modern Muse Le Rouge is a seductive blend of rich roses enlivened by ripe fruits. In addition, it includes a silky cream accord that evokes the drama of its muse’s personality. Not to emphasize the beauty of the bottle itself. The scent comes in a salmon-colored bottle with a red bow on top. Therefore, it defines perfection in all its ways.

Modern Muse Le Rouge is for the woman who demands attention when she walks into a room. The seductive notes of Bulgarian rose and the freshness of rose centifolia blend to the burst of bourgeon de cassis and raspberry. In the meantime, the liveliness of pink pepper and saffron appeals to your senses. Moreover, Madagascar vanilla along with delicate magnolia flowers and jasmine notes, just add the right amount of drama to your personality.

Kendall glow-up for the Modern Muse campaign

The 19-year-old beauty stuns everyone in a red suit with the suit jacket unzipped to reveal a touch of cleavage. In the red-hot suit and a seductive scarlet pout, the social media love gets her high glam on. Ultimately, we can say that the brand truly got a muse to promote its rich rose scent through its first-ever campaign.

The model looks stunning in the Modern Muse Le Rouge ad, which conjures ageless splendor. Additionally, she projects sophistication and sensual appeal through her smoldering good looks. And that was something that the campaign needed. It went smoothly and perfectly with the brand’s intent. Therefore, no doubt, Modern Muse Le Rouge reminds us of Kendall Jenner. She’s glamorous, confident, and at the pinnacle of her career. Therefore, indeed she is the modern muse everyone aspires to be.