Different Skin Types & Skincare Basics

The perfect foundation for applying makeup that looks its best is proper skin care. As soon as you hit your teenage years, you must take the necessary steps to care for your skin. It includes some very easy activities like washing, toning, and moisturizing my face. However, not everyone knows what to do and how to take care of their skin.

So, we’ve decided to give you every detail about different skin types and ways to maintain skin health. You’ll learn how the skin cells work, the various skin types, and the best skin care routines and products.

Skincare Basics

There are various factors that affect our skin. However, certain internal factors are beyond our control. For example, such as genetics, hormones, puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. On the other hand, there are environmental elements that affect our skin. For example, UV radiation, harsh products, excessive washing, nutrition, stress, inactivity, sleep deprivation, and smoking. When it comes to skincare, there are products we can use. Meanwhile, there are simple daily activities we should all engage in to benefit our skin.

Sun Cream / Sunscreen

Sun Cream helps in shielding our skin from UV radiation. So, you should apply sunscreen every day, especially in the Spring and Summer. Meanwhile, very few people apply sunscreen daily. In fact, it’s a common misconception among Brits that we only need it on vacation or when the sun is particularly hot.


We should all work to get better at nutrition, following a healthy diet, adequate exercise and sleep, and a reduction in stress levels. This will benefit not just our skin but also our overall health and well-being. On the other hand, smoking is extremely harmful to your skin and therefore, you should avoid it. It results in an increased production of free radicals. These are chemical particles that cause skin damage.


This one is a vital part when it comes to skincare. The skin can lose its natural moisturizing abilities and surface lipids, (a type of fat), if you bathe or wash it for an extended period of time. So, you should not spend a lot of time in hot baths or take too many showers. Some days, we may take a shower many times, and it really dries up my skin, so remember to moisturize.

Affects of Skin Aging

Our skin changes significantly as we age. It loses elasticity and collagen, which causes fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, excessive sun exposure contributes to sagging and leathery skin. As a result, it gets drier and thinner, and the body’s defenses against free radicals deteriorate. Due to their ability to tolerate the drying of the skin, people with oilier skin tend to age a little better. However, in this case, your skin can benefit greatly from vitamins A, C, and E. You can get them by using various lotions and supplements for anti-aging. A great moisturizer used consistently over time is also crucial to decrease the effect.

Skin Types

Each person has a unique type of skin. To ensure you are using the proper skincare and makeup, it is crucial to know what type of skin you have. The primary skin kinds and their traits are listed below to help you:

Normal Skin:
  • Smooth in texture and glowing with health

  • Clear surface with little pores.

  • No indication of skin imperfections, flaky dry skin, or greasy areas.

  • The balance of skin hydration is good.

  • Basically, what we can define as a normal skin type is younger people’s skin.
Dry Skin:
  • Flaking skin and tightening.

  • Particularly around the cheekbones and eyes, the skin seems lackluster.

  • The skin might frequently feel scorching or irritated.

  • Is often brought on by heredity, harsh environments, drugs, and cosmetics.
Oily Skin:
  • Touching the skin feels oily.

  • It appears shiny.

  • Larger and more obvious pores.

  • Can be prone to acne and blackheads.
Combination Skin:
  • A blend of diverse skin types, such as oily skin in the T-zone but dry cheeks and eyes (forehead, chin, and nose)

  • Older skin.

  • Very dry.

  • Wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Bland in color.

  • Affected by the weather.

Once you’ve determined your skin type, you can make sure you buy the appropriate items. However, keep in mind that no matter what products you’re using, not following the basics will make your skin’s health worse. So, make sure you are healthy and hydrated, and keep your skin clean.