11 Things to Do with Your Father this Father’s Day

The day of Father’s Day celebration varies in different countries of the world. However, we usually observe Father’s day on the third Sunday in June. That is going to fall on June 19 in 2022, in nations like India and the USA. Besides, other countries include the UK, Japan, Ireland, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and so on.

Compared to last year, this Father’s Day is a little bit more upbeat. Spending time with your parents and loved ones should feel more comfortable now that we have vaccines. Additionally, there is at-home Covid-19 testing available. However, the pandemic isn’t over and you should still abide by health guidelines.

Now, getting to the point, we do not doubt that you have been struggling to come up with the ideal present for your beloved old dad as Father’s Day draws near. Let us help you.

How to make this father’s Day special for your dad?

As we all know, it might be challenging to express your gratitude to him in the most ideal approach. However, if you’re out of suggestions for how to celebrate the big day with your dad, don’t worry anymore! We’ve got all the Father’s Day fun activities to inspire you to embark on brand-new adventures with him.

Fun things to do with your father this Father’s Day

Surprise your dad with a special activity that the whole family can participate in and make the day special for him. For example, finishing a small activity could be the perfect way to brighten your day. Or, you can give him a day of total relaxation by organizing a straightforward spa day. Additionally, going on fishing, or hiking in the mountains is also a great idea. And if you’re not able to decide what to do, consider these 11 fun activities mentioned below:

#1. Buy him an ice cream

Everyone loves ice cream, right? Give your dad a treat at his favorite ice cream shop, or you might even get him a pint to take home.

#2. Help dad in cleaning the car

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If Father’s Day this year is sunny and bright, it will be the ideal opportunity to wash the car. You could even prepare some water balloons. Or, get some water pistols to turn it into a water fight to add a little more fun.

#3. Take him to a concert

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Finding a live performance to go to with your father will make him happy if he enjoys jazz or rock music. Alternatively, you can discover whatever band from his favorite genre is playing and take him to a refreshing concert.

#4. Take him for a bike ride along with your family

The Most Amazing Family Bike Ride: How to make it happen – Velosock Bike Covers

On Father’s Day, the whole family can get some exercise by riding bikes outdoors on a trail. Discover your dad’s favorite hiking routes. After that, consider organizing a lunch once you get to a scenic location. Moreover, adding a camping excursion at the end will enhance the experience.

#5. Prepare a treasure hunt

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Asking your dad to pick the perfect Father’s Day gift himself can give it that extra flair. Give him a collection of puzzles and hints that will get him to the present. Here’s how to go about doing that.

#6. Enroll in a pottery class

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By enrolling in a pottery class, you can engage your family in exciting and creative DIY projects. Moreover, you can all enjoy making fun things. Or, you can make something lovely or priceless to display in your home.

#7. Take him shopping on Father’s Day

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#8. Go bowling

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Every family enjoys going bowling together. Moreover, competition is healthy for everyone. You can divide into teams on Father’s Day, pitting parents against children, to see who has the best form.

#9. Crack the case in an escape room

Best puzzle rooms and escape rooms for families TheSchoolRun

When you take your dad to an escape room, encourage him to channel his inner detective. You are all going to discover more about one another as you search through the clues to figure out the mystery and escape. This can be a terrific opportunity for bonding.

#10. Check out a museum

Museums with children - Quite an experience! - Enjoy the family

Take your dad to a local museum if he enjoys history. Even if he doesn’t particularly enjoy history, there are many museums with engaging exhibitions. Even your whole will enjoy going to a museum.

#11. Enroll in a rock climbing course

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Take him to a rock climbing class, get in a workout, and perhaps even pick up a new passion. As a result, he’ll experience a rush of exhilaration without too much risk.


These are some of the best things you can do to make your family’s Father’s Day extra special. All these activities can help you spend quality time with your father and strengthen your bond. Whatever Dad would enjoy, we have it covered. So, this list is brimming with suggestions for both family-friendly and adult-only events! However, plan a special Father’s Day meal after you’ve had fun all day, and end the evening by watching a movie your dad would enjoy.