Reasons Why BECCA Cosmetics Closed Down

BECCA Cosmetics stunned beauty enthusiasts by announcing that it’s closing down at the end of 2021. It made the announcement on its official Instagram page on February 24. Also, they cited the accumulating barriers brought on by Covid-19 as the primary cause.

So, what’s the story of BECCA Cosmetics?

BECCA Cosmetics was created to make flawlessly glowing complexion products for all skin tones. It aimed to offer from the lightest to the darkest. It had revolutionary compositions that harnessed the power of light. Moreover, it empowered everyone to express their true selves on their own terms. Every BECCA product, from award-winning highlighters to radiance-boosting primers, has the same goal. And that was to help you achieve the same shine on the outside as you do on the inside. BECCA Cosmetics was also PETA-certified and cruelty-free. It was a cult makeup brand that made highlighters a familiar name.

The brand debuted in 2001 and was a cult favorite for two decades. However, it had lost its spark over the last few years. And the COVID-19 worked as a final blow.

The highlighters from Becca Cosmetics opened up the world of superstar splendor to commoners. As a result, it taught everyone that anyone could get a red-carpet glow at home.

BECCA Cosmetics’ Best Sellers

Want to know about some of BECCA’s top-selling products? Read on to find out the top 5 products of BECCA cosmetics:

#1. Under Eye Brightening Corrector

BECCA’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector contains Backlight Technology. Moreover, it included vitamin E, color correcting tones of apricot and peach, and light-reflecting illuminators. When we meant to wrap half of our faces in masks during Covid-19, makeup was all about strong eye makeup. And, it is not much different even today. Thankfully, BECCA was there with us with its Under Eye Brightening Corrector.

The first step was to cover up any dark patches and brighten tired-looking eyes. One could also use this corrector to double as a concealer base. Moreover, there were two hues to choose from: light to medium (peachy pink) and medium to deep (apricot).

#2. Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter

This award-winning highlighter was one of the BECCA products that have become a holy grail for beauty editors and bloggers. According to Allure, this was the best-selling highlighter in the United States in 2019. The Allure Readers’ Choice Award went to this highlighter.

In addition to that, the Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter, a second highlighter from the brand, won an Allure Best of Beauty Award last year. Moreover, the pressed highlighter is the one product in the whole BECCA Cosmetics portfolio that Glamour and Cosmopolitan UK recommended hoarding. It came in ten different hues to suit all skin tones, but Champagne Pop is still the most popular.

#3. First Light Priming Filter Instant Complexion Refresh

This brightening makeup primer is one of Elle Magazine’s top BECCA choices. Its unusual lavender color brightens the dull face. Meanwhile, the formula’s vitamin E and hyaluronic acid soften and prime skin for seamless makeup application. Moreover, it is cruelty-free and vegan.

#4. Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation

The BECCA Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation combines makeup and skincare. Clear Light Blur Technology manipulates light to provide the appearance of flawless skin and hide flaws. In the meantime, the silicone-free, hyaluronic acid-infused composition helps to keep skin hydrated while controlling oil. Additionally, the matte finish is clear.

#5. Ultimate Lipstick Love

BECCA’s Ultimate Lipstick Love was available in 38 colors. It had hyaluronic acid to moisturize and nourish lips. Moreover, the non-drying, ultra-creamy product was not flaking or bleeding. It’s also organized by undertones (warm, cool, and neutral) to help you locate the perfect match.

BECCA Cosmetics is the first significant cosmetics company to close because of Covid-19.

Why did BECCA close down?

The sole reason for BECCA to shut down was COVID-19. Though renowned, the brand was experiencing a down business, So, when the pandemic hit in 2020, it caused the firm to reconsider its choices to go on. And finally, on Feb 24, 2021, BECCA announced through its social media channels that it’d go out of the business. 

The brand named Covid-19 as one of the reasons for its closure in a social media statement. “The global epidemic has impacted everyone throughout the world on various levels,” it claimed. It has also had a significant impact on many enterprises. “An avalanche of issues, combined with the global impact of COVID-19, proved too much for BECCA, and we were forced to make the heartbreaking choice to shut down our doors at the end of September 2021,” it posted.

It had nearly four million Instagram followers. Moreover, the post received thousands of likes and responses over a short time. BECCA responded to a follower’s comment about their popular highlighters by saying that customers could still buy them at until September 2021.