7 Tips To Make Your Ponytail Look More Voluminous

Going for a girls’ night out? Or to a great Selena Gomez concert? A high ponytail is a perfect hairdo for these events and your outfit! But, are you struggling to get a full, bouncy ponytail with your thin hair? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered!

You can make your flat ponytail fuller and more voluminous in a variety of ways. For thicker-looking ponytails, curl your hair or apply texture spray or dry shampoo. Another excellent way for giving your hair length and body is to wear it in a ponytail wrap. In this article, we’ll tell you some great tips to give your hair the gorgeous, bouncy look you’ve been imagining till now. So, buckle up and head with us on a fun journey.

Tips to make your hair more voluminous

Follow these fantastic tips to get your perfect hair:

#1. Use a texturizing hair spray

You should part your hair and use a texturizing spray or dry shampoo all the way down to the roots. This way, your ponytail will appear fuller, particularly at the tail. It will puff out and look thicker. Moreover, the spray will add extra volume and shine to it!

#2. Put on your curls!

Adding volume to your ponytail is another fantastic trick. Alternately curling your hair will offer texture and a natural finish. So, to maintain its fluffy appearance, back brush the ponytail’s body and ends. Also, you should curl the ends of your ponytail into a flip for a fuller, more bouncy appearance. A flat iron is excellent for curling shorter hair. Meanwhile, a rod curling iron works wonderfully on longer hair. Besides, to add depth and volume to shorter hair, use curly ponytail extensions. Every woman can quickly change her look by buying her preferred weave ponytail extensions from Unice Hair.

#3. Mousse comes first, then blow dry!

This idea may seem ludicrous to some, but it actually works! You can create a thick, bouncy pony by adding a little mousse to your damp hair before blow-drying it. A mousse that is creamy and airy will work perfectly. In spite of popular misconceptions, your hair won’t be crunchy or crack. However, make sure to wet your hair before applying the mousse.

#4. Two are preferable to one!

This is another excellent way for creating a ponytail that looks bigger and more voluminous. Simply divide the upper and lower sections of your hair first. Then, put the bottom part in a safe ponytail. After that, create another ponytail with the upper half and position it directly over the first one.

By doing so, the lower ponytail will hide and the top one will appear thicker and fuller. So, when people see you, they’ll assume you have a single, very long ponytail. Besides, people with thin hair can also wear a wig and headband as an alternative. They fully safeguard the wearer. Since this wig has a full cap, your natural curls are completely protected. If you want to put on a wig with a headband to have a better idea of the length and style, go to https://www.unice.com/wig-1/headband-wigs.html.

#5. Put some poof in your ponytail

People with fine hair often have trouble pulling their ponytails back! So, adding some poof and supporting it is a wonderful method to stop this from happening. You should use two bobby pins to form an X at the base of your ponytail. This helps to elevate and add loft to your ponytail. Moreover, to give your ponytail a little extra support, you could even use two hair ties.

Use a ponytail wrap

So tell me, what is a ponytail wrap? It is an extension that clips onto the ponytail’s base. You can find various extensions with different hair textures and colors online. They lengthen and give volume to ponytails. As a result, they give them a more vibrant, full appearance.

A helpful hint to remember is to cinch your hair as tightly as you can before tying the extension. The extension is a little hefty. So, this could cause your hair to become loose and floppy. With appropriate maintenance, these beautiful extensions last approximately two years.

#6. Make use of a ponytail holder and bobby pins!

Nowadays, ponytail holders are quite fashionable. You may have seen one or more commercials showing how they instantly liven up your ponytails! So, put your hair through the ponytail holder once to use them. Now use your fingers to firmly press each end into place.

Although it resembles a hair scrunchie, it is available for all hair types in a variety of hair colors and textures. Ponytail holders provide a good lift. As already mentioned, secure that ponytail in place with bobby pins. You can also buy colored pins to blend in right away!

#7. Play with those gorgeous locks!

Sometimes, a fine-tooth comb and some dry shampoo are all that you need to do one of the simplest tricks that many hairstylists use. To start, spray dry shampoo onto the various hair strands. Now lightly tease each lock with a fine-toothed comb. Then, use hairspray to hold it in place towards the end. Besides, focus more on the top and back of the head, which is where the ponytail’s base is.


Everybody loves a fantastic, bouncy ponytail! However, most of the time our hair texture prevents us from having it. We hope that these tips enable you to thicken and add more volume to your ponytails. This way, you can maintain a bouncy ponytail all day long with a few bobby pins and hairspray!