All You Need to Know About Nectar Blonde Hair Trend

Are you bored with an expensive-looking brunette style? Want to switch to something brighter? The tried-and-true summer blonde tints in ideal platinum hues and other cool tones are always a fantastic option. However, some prefer a warmer tone and a more natural appearance for the spring and summer months. In this situation, take inspiration from the newly well-liked “nectar blonde” hair trend. It’s a really gorgeous, glistening look that goes great with summery vibes. Here’s the lowdown on this gorgeous, vibrant hairstyle.

What is Nectar Blonde Hair?

The color that best represents nectar blonde has warm, rich blonde tones. In essence, the style uses particular professional hair color tones to produce a final appearance. It resembles dreamy, Rapunzel-inspired locks with a halo of warmth surrounding the face. So, nectar blonde hair should be extremely touchable, natural-looking, and shining. People with any skin tone, hair type, or length can try this trend. However, most people who flaunt it opt for voluminous, blown-out styling techniques with loads of body and dimension.

Nectar blonde hair takes its cue from nature. It makes the care methods and daily style commitments rather easy. Moreover, nectar blonde hair color integrates well with root growth. Meanwhile, it’s more forgiving between color touch-ups than cool-toned and platinum-blonde looks. As a result, anything goes when it comes to styling honey-blonde hair! This warm golden shade can create anything from straight, basic strands to blown-out waves and voluminous texture.

Want to try a new hair color & style? The color that best represents nectar blonde has warm, rich blonde tones.
Getting the Nectar Blonde look

You can achieve nectar blonde hair with the help of stylists in only a few simple steps. Using a top-notch professional hair lightener to raise the hair color to the right foundation shade is crucial for achieving the honey-blonde effect. One should perform this step before applying any hair color. Besides, you should use it on any hair that is darker than the hair color which you’ll apply later.

So, start the process by whitening your hair to a medium or dark blonde tone. And if you’re a stylist and doing it for your client then it depends on the client’s taste. Next, pick a golden blonde hair color and apply it to the hair. Apply two shades of warm, glowy blonde to the hair in alternating layers to add greater dimension. Moreover, before applying color, stylists should ask their clients about precise shades and refer to hair color swatches!

It’s critical to add a few finishing touches after lightening and coloring the hair golden blonde. Nectar blonde hair is more than just the base hue. Thus, it’s important to give the client’s hair some brightness and a healthy glow. Moreover, you should place the highlights on the top layers of hair and around the face for a halo effect. They are a great method to brighten up the appearance. Also, to transition the appearance from warm honey to shimmering nectar in only one step, choose an off-white, cream, or light beige tint.

Styling Nectar Blonde hair

With regard to styling, this particular blonde hair appearance is really flexible. Nectar blonde hair color, unlike some other blonde shades, looks wonderful in both a casual, barely groomed look and when it is fully blown out and well-coiffed. However, the secret to styling nectar-blonde hair is to showcase the luminous highlights, proportions, and colors. Using protective sprays and other hairstyle tools makes this simple to achieve. For example, some of these tools are shine serums, touchable hairsprays, and more.

Models and customers sporting the nectar blonde hair trend often have their hair blown out in thick, luscious waves. This is a great way to showcase your nectar blonde hair while also experimenting with a new styling method! Nevertheless, nectar blonde hair still looks gorgeous whether it’s straightened, curled, or let dry naturally.

Keeping Nectar Blonde Hair Healthy

Nectar blonde clients should follow a healthy hair maintenance plan. It’ll help them to keep their new dazzling blonde hair appearing healthy, shining, and fresh, just like any color-treated hair. Besides, you should apply a heat protection spray before using a blow dryer or other hot tools for colored hair along with using a non-stripping shampoo and conditioner. To prevent uneven ends and maintain their hair’s ultra-sleek appearance, you should receive regular haircuts.

This Season, Go Blonde in a New Shade

The nectar blonde look is a great choice if you want to lighten your hair for the spring and summer. The warm and milky hues of this color balance the brightness. However, just be careful to consult your hair colorist for professional advice before you apply this color to your hair!