8 Beanie-Friendly Hairstyles You Must Try

For those with longer hair, beanies might be annoying. However, you can style your hair in some ways that complement your beanie, though. These looks are fantastic as well! Moreover, when you pair one of the following hairstyles with a beanie, they won’t look sloppy or carefree.

Some of the best beanie-friendly hairstyles

Here are some of the hairstyles that look gorgeous with a beanie put together by My Pride Apparel. It’s a company that makes Black pride beanies for ladies. So, if you want to check out some cool-looking beanies, you know where to find them.

#1. Loose Waves

Let’s get going with something easy! With a beanie, loose waves are a casual yet adorable hairstyle. If you have longer hair, create some loose, beachy waves with a curling iron so they may peep out from under the hat. No matter how long your hair is, flowing waves keep you looking put together and stylish.

However, keeping your waves tidy is essential for this look. For the day, be sure to include a comb or brushes because waves may sometimes get out of control! Moreover, with your preferred beanie, tame them once more to recover a playful, ordered appearance.

#2. Side-Swept Curls

If you don’t have enough hair to create long, loose waves, you can still look chic and adorable by wearing shorter, side-swept curls. For this side-swept appearance, be sure to gather all your hair on one side of your head. Besides, for a carefree appearance, style your hair in looser curls and waves on the side.

On the other hand, if you want a holiday-themed style, pull your favorite beanie down over your hair. You’ll love how your curls look once your favorite winter hat highlights them.

#3. Side Braids

Braided hair has long been a buddy of beanies. In fact, you might as well braid your hair to the side so that the plaits protrude from under the hat if you’re not going to give it some loose waves. The fact that you can learn so many various sorts of braids is what makes using a side braid with your beanie so fascinating.

So, to achieve a simple, polished look, you can use a conventional three-strand braid. Alternatively, for something a little trickier, you could also try a fishtail braid or maybe a snake braid for some variety. Moreover, to highlight the delicate hair loops, add a string or other accessory to your braid. Any type of accessory is acceptable! When you need to take off your beanie, it will go over your head with ease and there won’t be much chance for hat hair to form.

#4. Diagonal Braids

Another fantastic way to keep your hair up and hidden away is using diagonal braids. In contrast to a side braid, which could hang straight down, you make your diagonal braids into your hair from one side to the other. Moreover, to keep your hat fitting properly, create a lovely diagonal braid across your hairline. It improves the fit of your beanie and looks fantastic!

On the front or the back of your head, you can style diagonal braids. However, looping the braid around your head first if you have longer hair will make it stay short and manageable.

#5. Pigtails

Nowadays, adults can wear pigtails too! Segmenting or braiding your pigtails can be an excellent way to keep your hair down and out of the way. They also maintain your hair tidy. No matter how you style your pigtails, you won’t have to worry about much hat hair when you wear a beanie!

Similar to braids, there are many ways to customize the appearance. Even better, you may choose from a variety of braid styles for your pigtails!

#6. Twisted Buns

Another adaptable look that will appear different on everyone is the twisted bun! To maintain a correct fit for your hat while keeping your hair up, create a twisted bun or roll at the nape of your neck. Find a way that works for you by doing some research on the various ways to make a twisted bun. In fact, when you take off your hat, it’ll look fantastic too!

#7. Smooth and Straight

You can leave any preconceptions you may have about untidy hat hair outside. Even with all the layers of the winter, you can still appear put together with a straight and sleek hairstyle.

There are choices that won’t totally hide your locks if you think wearing your hair straight under a hat is too monotonous or lacks enough movement. And straight hairstyles are one of them.

#8. Small Side Bun

Many hairstylists suggest attempting a low bun under a cap. We also think that a nicely trimmed or detailed bun that is off to the side can look good. People today have more freedom in terms of what they want to wear for headwear. You decide whether to make the hat or your hair the focal point.

There is something for everyone. Whether you want to go with the neat, fitted bun or something a little looser and messier, a beanie looks good with every style.


This winter, you can choose from a variety of interesting and exciting beanie-friendly hairstyles. Don’t worry about trying several ones until you find one that complements your look and personality. Also, avoid beanies as much as you can because they are popular for creating hat hair.