7 Ways To Beat Weight The Loss Plateau

Nowadays, it is uncommon to meet someone who doesn’t wish to trim down a few pounds. Everyone wants to enhance the way their body looks and feels overall. However, the older we get, the more difficult it is to lose excess weight. At this age, our body collects fat from unhealthy eating habits, aging, and decreased energy and exercise levels.

So, it might be time to look at a few things if you’re trying to shed those final few pounds but finding it difficult to do so. You can find out if you need to step it up to break through your weight loss plateau by evaluating your nutrition. Additionally, you might need to examine the amount of exercise and other aspects of your life.

A weight loss plateau: what is it?

Never heard of the weight loss plateau? We’ve got you. Everyone who attempts to lose weight eventually hits a weight loss plateau. Your metabolism slows down as a result of weight loss because you lose a combination of water, fat, and muscle mass. The initial weight reduction you experience at the start of your trip will also slow down as your metabolism decreases. This will result in the plateau effect.

However, you can overcome the hurdle and break through the plateau to achieve your goal, so don’t worry. If you continue to lose weight by following these easy steps, you’ll get the desired outcomes.

#1. Eat fewer carbohydrates!

According to research on people who used a low-carb diet to lose weight, those who consumed 50 grams of carbs or fewer per day lost weight more quickly than those who only followed a low-calorie diet. In this example, it would appear that a calorie is not just a calorie. Moreover, the items you select to eat when trying to lose weight actually matter. Therefore, for maximum results, select low-carb foods including meats, vegetables, and certain fruits.

#2. Exercise more!

Your body has likely adjusted to these changes if your workouts have grown easier. This means the exercise program you are doing to burn fat and shape your body is no longer as effective. To continue constant weight loss, you will need to either increase your exercise intensity or your overall exercise duration. To force your body into a re-adaptive phase, add in an extra walk a couple of times each week. Alternatively, you can engage in some high-intensity interval exercises. When you start getting results again, you’ll be grateful.

#3. Keep a record of what you eat

And by keeping a record, we truly mean tracking everything! We often ignore all the extra snacking we do all throughout the day. The extra handful of nuts you have in the afternoon can add up to 200 calories to your daily intake. Besides, if you drink sugary beverages like juices and colas, the scale will likely stop moving. These are considered empty calories and one should consume them very sparingly for maximum weight loss. On the other hand, you can choose alternatives like fresh fruit and vegetables, water, or even chewing gum. This will help you cut down on your snacking habit if you want to eat a lot of stuff without bringing along more fat. So, track what you eat carefully in the interim so you can become conscious of your habits and bring out the changes you want to see in your body.

#4. Increase your protein intake

Protein boosts your metabolism more than fat and carbs combined do. Therefore, adding more protein to your diet will help you feel full and satisfied while preserving the amount of lean muscle mass in your body. Maintaining muscle mass will be essential for enabling your body to lose excess weight as muscle burns more calories than fat.

#5. Stress management

Surprisingly, stress can make it harder for you to lose extra pounds off your frame. Stress makes you want to eat and drink more. It can even take the form of your comfort zone and later addiction. This can lead us to make bad food decisions. Additionally, the body releases cortisol in response to stress. This can cause the body to respond by retaining excess fat in order to survive. Therefore, reduce stress and enhance your overall quality of life by taking care of yourself. Perhaps you should pay The HealthyBody Company a visit for a relaxing massage or other bodywork that helps with detoxification. If you practice stress-reduction techniques, you’ll notice that the scale starts to move once more. These exercises can include meditation, nature walks, and working on your emotional and spiritual connections to life. 

#6. Practice intermittent fasting

The goal of intermittent fasting is to purge the body and rev up the metabolism by refraining from food for longer periods of time, often between 12 and 48 hours. Studies on intermittent fasting have revealed a 3–8% reduction in overall body weight during a 12-week period. Another type of fasting involves eating a very low-calorie diet one day and a normal amount the next. This is popular as alternate-day fasting. This kind of eating habit confuses your metabolism in a positive way. As a result, your body starts burning calories more efficiently.

#7. Drink more water!

We all don’t drink nearly enough water, despite the fact that it’s essential to life. You can go without meals for up to three weeks without suffering serious health implications. However, you know that you can only spend a few days without water to refresh your tissues and support healthy bodily functioning. In fact, you need to drink enough water to cleanse, flush, and hydrate all body systems. One should drink at least half their body weight in ounces each day. As a result, when this hydration measure is in place, all systems work more effectively to support you on your weight loss path. Although you might need to use the restroom more frequently, you’ll feel lighter and cleaner than you have in a long time.

Final word

Breaking through a challenging weight loss plateau might lead to success on the other side. When it comes to snacking and food consumption, you may need to adjust a few habits and tighten the reins a little. However, the sense of satisfaction you will have once you have reached your weight loss target will be worth whatever small sacrifices you had to make along the road. Here’s to your long-term success in losing weight!