Tyra Banks: Diet Plan and Workout

Since she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Tyra Banks has put on 30 pounds over ten years. And she totally confesses it. However, at 5’10” and 161 pounds, she appears to be in better health than ever.

Even Tyra herself seems to be pretty chill about it. She openly discards any demeaning comments on her weight and goes on loving herself. According to her, weighing 161 pounds and having cellulite on her butt shouldn’t be a big deal. It is not something that others should worry about. She considers herself beautiful and doesn’t really care what others think. “Women who raised me didn’t ever think that one needs a super-skinny body to be called beautiful,” says Tyra.

Tyra Banks’ diet plan

Though Tyra encourages you to eat what you like and be yourself, she doesn’t mean that you should eat unhealthily. She doesn’t want everyone to run to the local fast-food joint. Rather, Tyra wishes everyone to understand the true meaning of loving yourself, which is taking self-care and eating healthy. She emphasizes, “I want everyone to eat nutritious things.” That isn’t to say she has always been successful acting on her own suggestion.

Tyra kept a low weight throughout her modeling days. Despite her best intentions, since she didn’t always have time to eat correctly, her weight was under control. According to her, sometimes she used to just get by with a Tang and microwaved popcorn for her dinner. She used to often get home late and could find nothing but these things in her kitchen. Thus, we can only assume what her diet had been like then.

What does her diet plan look like now?

She now eats a lot of fresh fruits, especially her favorite mangos and papayas. Moreover, she likes to eat salads with chicken, shrimp, or other protein as a snack. Also, she has recently recruited a part-time cook to assist her with the night meals. He basically helps prepare meals and puts them in the fridge for when she arrives home.

“I thought I needed to look after myself better, and I knew this would help me to do so.” However, she still enjoys cooking and attempts to prepare some of her own meals.

Lately, Tyra’s been trying to experiment with recipes of Anne Sheasby’s 400 Best-Ever Soups, her favorite cookbook. “They’re all fantastic,” she says, “whether it’s a large beef chili or a seafood bisque”

Tyra Banks’ workout

She has something to admit: “I didn’t work out for months at a time.” Yes, Tyra didn’t work out for a long time. However, she got motivated and ran three miles on the treadmill daily for some weeks. Her doctor told her that she needed to make exercise a regular part of her life. Thus, it can be a source of motivation for her.

He even issued her a prescription suggesting one hour of cardio every day, a “medicine” she eagerly accepted. Now, she’s a lot more focused on her workout. She performs treadmill intervals, where she changes between walking and jogging or just goes out for a run.

Tyra has now determined on following her own advice. She has increased her gym time, eats healthier, and enjoys herself as she is. This has helped her gain even more confidence. “Hey, I’m only human,” she says.

Now, when she has been taking care of herself, she doesn’t think about getting a perfect body. It’s about staying healthy and confident for now and she’s doing great in that.