Top 6 Countries In Asia For Teaching English

Do you wish to gain travel experience, and discover different cultures and ways of life while giving back in a fulfilling way? Consider teaching English overseas. There are men and women, young and old, who are currently imparting fresh knowledge to young students and teaching them a new language. You can find such people all around the globe. Asia is a fascinating continent that many ex-pats identify as their adopted home. Moreover, it is by far the most popular continent attracting English teachers to meet its high demand. So, if you’re wanting to teach English in Asia, you’ve chosen a fantastic decision that won’t let you down.

Top Asian countries to teach English

Here are our recommendations for the top 6 nations you should consider if you want to teach English.

#1. South Korea

You will have a great time teaching in South Korea, which will widen your perspective on the globe. There are three main programs that run across the entire country of South Korea. The first program is solely focused on the city of Seoul. Another is for the suburbs of the capital. Meanwhile, a third institution exists to oversee the remaining 18 provinces. Here you can receive excellent pay and the average salary is $2,000 per month. Moreover, it also includes assistance with housing. So, basically, this is the reason South Korea is so popular with teachers. Most people say they rarely spend more than $500 a month in South Korea as the cost of living is so reasonable there. So, you will be working in a position that is both personally and financially satisfying. Above all, you will be making a significant contribution.

#2. Japan

Japan often comes out on top in popularity comparisons among the nations where you could select to teach English. One of the first of its kind, the Japanese teaching program (JEP), created by the government, is well-known throughout Asia. Although Japan may not pay as well as South Korea, an average monthly wage of $1,500 isn’t too bad. However, Japan has an advantage over South Korea in that you can work anywhere in the nation with a work visa. Meanwhile, in South Korea, you must choose the area where you will work and stay. Japan is a fascinating and extremely open country. This makes it a fantastic option for your teaching opportunity.

#3. Taiwan

This one is a lovely place to travel to and explore. Moreover, both local and international schools in Taiwan are in desperate need of English teachers. Taiwan is quickly becoming one of Asia’s most popular nations. The cost of living is quite inexpensive and the compensation ranges from $1,200 to $1,400. Therefore, most students estimate they are able to save about 60% of their monthly earnings. Besides, when looking for a job, Taiwan offers coastal areas, charming villages with beautiful surroundings, and bustling city life. However, similar to Japan and South Korea, you need a complete TEFL certificate to find employment in Taiwan. Taiwan is the place to go if you’re searching for something wholly unique from the standard.

#4. Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is a massive city home to Buddhist temples. Other than that, you can see royal palaces, skyscrapers, tuk-tuks (3-wheeled taxis), floating markets, pad Thai street vendors, and sometimes an elephant strolling down the street. Bangkok serves as one of Southeast Asia’s major centers.

So, the demand for English teachers is fairly high. Moreover, the city’s lively spirit makes it a remarkable and intriguing place to live. Due to its strategic location, it also offers quick access to places close by in the vicinity. For example, some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, lush rainforests, and historic ruins.

#5. Turkey

Is Istanbul in Asia? In fact, Istanbul, Turkey, is the only city in the world to perch two continents. This makes it a contender for both the top Asian and top European cities lists. Since Biblical times, Istanbul has been a crossroads of cultures. It served as the capital of the Byzantine (when it was popular as Constantinople) and Ottoman empires. Moreover, it has an unrivaled wealth of historical artifacts and architecture.

There is a high need for English teachers. Additionally, most people can at least save some money while working as one. This is always a bonus as it is necessary to travel to other parts of Turkey with some of that extra money.

Istanbul is a metropolis filled with diversity and a uniqueness unmatched by very few cities on Earth. And this was obvious due to its situation on two separate continents. As a result, you will get to meet people from all over the world who live, travel, and pass through Istanbul.

#6. China

Ancient alleyways coexist with extremely tall modern skyscrapers in the enormous metropolis that serves as the old Chinese capital. It is a blend of the ancient and the new. Moreover, with all the new innovations, it is a country always changing and evolving.

Beijing, a very cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city, is a great choice if you’re interested in getting a firsthand glimpse of life in the biggest country in the world as an English teacher. Moreover, a bus ride to some of the most stunning stretches of the Great Wall only takes about an hour or so.


When it comes to outstanding options for teaching English in Asia, these 6 wonderful cities are merely the tip of the iceberg. The continent has loads of cities that offer an unmatched variety of history, culture, and excitement. Additionally, it has great job markets for teaching English overseas.