Top 10 Popcorn Time Alternatives For Android

Everyone enjoys watching movies in their free time. One of the websites where you can download and watch movies online is Popcorn Time. Additionally, there are a variety of popcorn time alternatives on the market that meet matching criteria while offering a variety of extra features.

Most of these alternatives feature a flexible format that allows you to watch and download movies on a portable device.

Some Of The Android Platform Alternatives To Popcorn Time

Here is a list of the top 10 Popcorn Time alternatives that can take your online streaming to the next level.

#1. Hulu
popcorn time alternative

One of the popcorn time options for watching movies and TV shows is Hulu. Given that a month-to-month membership costs $7.99 each month, this is a paid version option.

It allows you to schedule a program to watch a movie or television show if you want to. Moreover, Hulu supports platforms like Mac, Android, and OS X.

#2. MovieHD
popcorn time alternative

One of the options for watching 3D movies at snack time is MovieHD. Due to its easy-to-understand nature, it is one of the best options you can try. Besides, this app lets you watch and stream different kinds of movies.

You can access a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and well-known recordings through it. In fact, this website is best for those who need to watch 3D movies.

#3. Zona
popcorn time alternative

It contains a built-in media player with the ability to spew torrent records. Moreover, Zona is a flexible application that can change the interface and several subjects.

Here, approximately 90,000 movies are available for download on Windows PCs. Did you know that on this level, games and gaming systems can download?

The Zona app also allows you to stream other types of music. Additionally, it provides access to 550 radio programs and sports networks.

#4. Couch Potato
popcorn time alternative

It provides you with high-quality TV shows and movies.

Regular slouches have the option of using the auto-download feature. This helps effortlessly download your TV series and movies.

Moreover, similar to DuckieTV, it offers a caption office where users can access subtitles in their preferred language.

Additionally, it supports a variety of platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, you must pay $7.95 each month in order to access it as it is not free. However, it offers customers a free demo.

#5. Duckie Tv
popcorn time alternative

Anyone can stream their favorite TV episodes and movies with this open-source application. Additionally, it provides you with a TV show scheduling office. It contains a Duckie Torrent feature that you can use to connect with local deluge customers. Moreover, if you’re an anime fan, gogoanime is perfect for you because there are a lot of episodes available.

Besides, this application has caption support for 15 different types of dialects. It allows everyone to understand any movie with the use of subtitles.

Thus, it is one of the best popcorn-time options for watching movies and TV shows, if you ask us. It supports devices like tablets, Android phones, Windows phones, and OS X.

#6. Cinema Box
popcorn time alternative

HD movies are available to watch on Cinema Box. You can get movies from a variety of categories here using your phone.

You can also save your favorite movies to the “top pick” organizer and watch them at a later time. Users of iOS devices should test your software on an iPad or iPod.

#7. Stremio
popcorn time alternative

It is also one of the possibilities for “popcorn time,” when you can stream and watch a variety of movies and TV shows. It also enables you to stream content from websites like Netflix, YouTube, and other services.

Just like on mobile devices, you can get the most out of your favorite TV shows on a computer. It is available on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, or Android.

#8. Showbox
popcorn time alternative

It is a fantastic alternative to the list of popcorn-time options where you can explore a variety of movies, TV shows, and other media. So, you can sit in front of the TV and watch shows like Game of Thrones or Dawn of the Dead.

Once the download process is complete, you can use this application on platforms like iOS, Blackberry, and Android to your fullest potential without interruption.

Here, you can access the entire collection of recordings anywhere. Moreover, you can watch your favorite TV programs and recordings wherever you are. You can also check Showbox alternatives here.

#9. Rox Player
popcorn time alternative

The Rox player supports a variety of media recordings, including DHT, IPTV, and P2P protocols. So, you can download a program to your PC that lets you watch movies.

However, it only supports the windows stage. Moreover, you can watch full-length movies for free.

popcorn time alternative

Here, you can watch movies and TV shows without paying a dime and download your favorite TV shows and movies whenever you want.

You can share your favorite television episodes and movies with your loved ones. These are supported by the Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, you can create a bookmark for your favorite choices.


These were some of the best Popcorn Time alternatives you can try. Hope we were able to help you. Also, don’t forget to tell your relatives and friends about it. Please use the comment section below to share your experience with Mobdro, Rox Player, Showbox, Stremio, Cinemabox, Duckie TV, Couch Potato, Zona, Movie HD, and Hulu.

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