Shocking Facts & Benefits Of Hemp Oil

One of the most important issues about the marijuana industry is “what is hemp oil good for.” The West is only now beginning to understand marijuana and hemp studies. So, this subject comes up in many different ways and has a variety of responses. It has been illegal in the majority of Western countries for many years. In fact, certain jurisdictions even banned research on the subject. However, we are improving our knowledge and understanding of the product as the West catches up. According to the research we have so far been able to compile, hemp oil has a significant role to play in the treatment of many diseases and disabilities.

Is hemp oil beneficial?

Hemp oil can help treat many different disorders in the human body. Moreover, the knowledge we now have spans a very broad spectrum of subjects. You can consume hemp oil directly, add it to food or beverages, or can use it topically as a cream. The variety of symptoms it covers is also quite broad. In the West, hemp oil poses a severe threat because as the market expands, so will the products offered.

Benefits of hemp oil

Currently, we don’t know much about the benefits of hemp oil. However, here is a list of the things that it can help you with.

✔️ Hemp oil and inflammation

According to a 2011 study, consuming more omega-3 fatty acids, like those in hemp oil, can help to reduce inflammation. Inflammation can also add to diseases like cancer and heart disease.

✔️ Hemp oil and skin diseases

According to studies, hemp oil’s omega-3s and omega-6s can be useful in treating a variety of skin disorders, such as:

  • Acne: 2014 research, hemp oil contains the non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid cannabidiol. That is a strong and potentially effective anti-acne remedy. Moreover, according to the report, clinical trials are necessary to perfect strategies for maximizing its advantages.
  • Eczema: A 2005 20-week study came to the conclusion that dietary hemp oil helped with eczema symptoms.
  • Psoriasis: According to a 2015 study, using omega-3 fatty acids as a nutritional supplement can help with psoriasis treatment. However, the study recommends using them along with oral retinoids, UVB phototherapy, and topical vitamin D.
  • Planus lichen: According to a 2014 paper, lichen planus is an inflammatory skin condition. And hemp oil can help treat it.

Additionally, the 2014 research makes the case that hemp oil can help create the skin that is tougher and more resistant to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

✔️ PMS, menopause, and hemp oil

According to a 2011 study, prolactin sensitivity, which links to low prostaglandin E1, may be to blame for the physical or emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PGE1).

On the other hand, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) found in hemp oil helps to produce PGE1.

So, according to the study, women with PMS who consumed 1 gram of fatty acids containing 210 mg of GLA saw a significant improvement in their symptoms.

✔️ Hemp oils as an antibacterial agent

According to a 2017 study, hemp oil’s antimicrobial capabilities can block staphylococcus aureus from growing.

It’s a harmful bacteria that can cause skin infections. For example, pneumonia, infections of the skin, bones, and heart valves, among other illnesses.

Some other shocking facts about hemp oil’s benefits

Besides the points mentioned above, here are some other facts about hemp oil and its benefits.

  • It won’t make you high: Despite being made from marijuana plants, which are popular for making people high, hemp oil contains so little THC that it has no effect on the brain’s dopamine receptors. These are responsible for making people feel high. So, it means that both adults and children can use it.

  • Legal: The drug is totally legal in each of the 50 states. In other words, consuming or using oil is not punishable in any way.

  • Promotes emotional homeostasis: This means the oil contributes to mood stabilization. It reduces the erratic highs and lows associated with emotional distress.

  • Effects that help you feel peaceful: Hemp oil has been scientifically proven to lessen stress and soothe anger. It also helps you feel at peace and happy, which is beneficial whenever life upsets you.

  • Healthy Appetite: We need more research to establish this as fact. However, hemp Oil can help people who have to stop using marijuana because of weakened immune systems regain their normal appetite.

  • Hemp oil as a pain reliever: It helps ease the pain brought on by minor to severe aches. The fact that Hemp oil could eventually replace narcotics as a pain reliever presents a serious solution that can help reduce the number of addicts. Moreover, hemp oil has no addictive properties. So, it is great for those who are struggling with addictions because a significant part of addictions begins as a dependence on prescription pods.

  • All Natural: Everything needed to make hemp oil, from the greenery to the woody stalk, seeds to flower buds, is entirely natural. Hemp oil is a completely all-natural product obtained from the marijuana plant. There are no harsh chemicals used; it is entirely natural.