Raw Data to Visualization: Marvel Social Graph Analysis

We’ve seen the growing importance of big data in the entertainment business. Marvel is one of several companies that is using big data to improve its business model.

Stan Lee’s Marvel is, as we all know, one of the most influential comic books in the world. Only a genius like him could create something exceptional that would live for years. What’s even more surprising is that Marvel characters are created by the use of data visualization and the influence of other Marvel heroes.

Marvel’s dataset is jam-packed with manifestations of their co-superheroes. For example, when Spider-Man appears in a comic book alongside Captain America. And they display all using data graphics.

This is important because the Marvel Universe consists of thousands of different universes. And all the multiverse stories take place on Earth. Data visualization helps identify the heroes who are far more important than those with lower priorities.

Marvel and its growth with big data

In October 1939, Marvel began as a comic book. It featured a few superheroes such as Human Torch and Sub-Mariner. Captain America was first published in 1941 by Marvel Comics. However, in the early 1950s, Marvel Comics’ publisher, Goldman, decided to stop publishing this type of publication.

The reason for this is that readers have lost interest in this type of comic. However, in 1953, they attempted to reintroduce superhero comics to the public. They tried to achieve this goal by publishing a series of Captain America novels.

Many Marvel superheroes now have movies. Those encourage more people to engage in the franchise. So, if you want to understand more about them, browse through the entire list of Marvel movies to learn about the backstories of various Marvel superheroes.

As a result, in Marvel’s business model, big data is now more important than ever. Based on demographic data and data visualization, more Marvel movies and comics need modifications.

First graphic presentation

To see the network, we must first create a tiny Python web application. After that, we created the first graphic visualization using sigma.js and the network package. The node’s size represents the degree. Moreover, the colors of the node represented clusters.

We can generate a few hypotheses with the help of this first graphical presentation. This graph visualization may be less fascinating to you, but it is necessary. Some of the findings are as follows:

  • Captain America, Spider-Man, and Iron Man are the Marvel characters with the greatest social graph scores. This indicates that these are the most important characters in the Marvel Universe. They’ve been a part of the comic series since the beginning, so it’s no surprise.

  • Thor’s cosmos, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men are among the characters who got a high score from the social graph. The graph shows a few minor clusters. Most of them are less well-known, and some of them don’t even have a Wikipedia page.

As a result, this graphical depiction is important to understand how they will visualize the forthcoming Marvel film. Marvel fans will make that a major hit.

Shaping the graph

One can shape the internal structure of the graph using edge weights. The number of co-occurrences between heroes determines the edge weight. Let’s suppose the edge-weight link between Spider-Man and Captain America is equal to the number of comic series they’ve appeared in together.

Therefore, the graph will become much clearer as we focus more on a certain hero, such as Captain America. As a result, the graph will only show heroes who have similar data and connections to Captain America. On the other hand, heroes with fewer connections will be hidden.

Identifying the Marvel influencers

We can see how Marvel groups its superheroes in different movies. To create these visuals, researchers conducted extensive research. Also, they analyzed many facts through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

To describe them, one can present three graph criteria. These were Page Rank, proximity centrality, and degree centrality. It also revealed that the value of closeness centrality shows the node’s relevance in the graph. It is based on how connected or unconnected the characters are.

The final graph revealed that Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, Hulk, and Thor will be ideal movie partners. Despite the fact that Beast is the star of the show, he is not a suitable fit for the X-Men. But rather he is ideal for bridging the gap between the Avengers and the X-Men.

Key to success in social media- data visualization

Based on the information supplied above, a graphical analysis of raw data is necessary for any Marvel movie to have a good narrative. It’s possible that this is the reason for Marvel’s long-term success. They’ll have a hard time grouping the characters without this clever data visualization. This takes into account thousands of Marvel characters.

There’s a lot more to graphic visualization than we’ve covered here. Also, we’ve only scratched the surface of how it works. Join the many Marvel forums to learn more about this subject.