Places For Private Yacht Chartering In Hong Kong

A fantastic way to spend your holiday would be to sail around Hong Kong. The idea of cruising the seas enables you to access a number of benefits. For example, the choice of spending time in a calm place away from the distracting throng and surrounded by the beauty of the sea or going to famous tourist spots where most of the crowds are.

If that appeals to you, you should leave your town for a while and visit Hong Kong.

Top Private Yacht Chartering Destinations In Hong Kong

Hong Kong, undoubtedly, is one of the best places to visit if you like beaches. Moreover, private yacht chartering is an amazing way to thrill the beach person inside you. So, let’s just dive deeper and find out about the top beaches and yacht charter providers in Hong Kong to have some fun.

✔️Double Haven

It is a well-known marine park that is officially designated. Crescent Island, Crooked Island, and Double Island enclose it, making it a safe sanctuary. You would love to sail and explore or stay and go sightseeing on the tranquil ocean. Moreover, if you enjoy strenuous hikes, runs, or leisurely strolls through nature, you should check out Double Haven’s well-known trail. It highlights the park’s geological novelties, local culture, natural habitat, and stunning beauty.

✔️ Sai Kung

It’s hardly surprising that you can engage in many land-based activities as Hong Kong’s second-largest landmass is where they are most prevalent. Hiking while taking in the stunning environment, exploring the nature trails in rural parks, or indulging in the delectable street food are a few unique activities that can catch your attention.

However, we must not forget to highlight certain water-based attractions. At Sai Wan Beach, you should take note of the floating seafood market and cool off in the freshwater pool. Other beaches and bays to take note of include Long Ke Wan, Millionaire’s Beach, Snake Bay, and Tai Long Wan.

✔️ Lamma Island

If you’re sick of the typical skyscrapers and busy city, Lamma Island will be an excellent addition to your travel itinerary. Another island that takes pride in its beauty, serenity, and laid-backness is this one. Some of the activities that you should engage in here are:

  • To eat and drink at the airy outdoor eateries above the lake.
  • A tour of the villages with a bicycle.
  • Enjoy the trails and walks (Lamma Island Family Trail, Ling Kok Shan Hike, Mt Stenhouse Hike, and Hong Kong Greenhouse Trail).
  • Visit lovely beaches (Hung Shing Ye, Lo So Shing, Power Station, Sham Wan, and Shek Pai Wan).
✔️ Lantau Island

Another island nearby provides a variety of family-friendly activities. You can start by traveling to Mui Wo, where you can see a hidden cave and waterfall.

After that, you can visit and explore the Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, and the Wisdom Path at Tai O could. While you’re there, keep in mind to explore the area and taste some of their locally made delicacies. You can also go camping, glamping, surfing, or kayaking, among other activities.

✔️ Soko Islands

Siu A Chau, Tai A Chau, and a few nearby smaller islands make up this collection of islands. However, it is a less inhabited area. When you explore, you will see ruins, shrines, and abandoned homes as it was previously the zone of a small settlement.

However, you must visit this island if you seek seclusion and tranquility. In fact, Soko Island should be your next stop if Lantau Island is already on your itinerary as they are quite close together.

✔️ Tap Mun Island

Want to stay on an island where your kids will be safe? Then Tap Mun Island ought to be on your travel itinerary.

All around the island, there are many open, grassy slopes for kids to run around and play on, and the occasional stray cow will keep them busy.

Moreover, the island includes rocky coasts and grassy slopes. The hilltop pavilion in the middle of the island is something you shouldn’t miss. It is accessible by an easy trek and provides a panoramic view of the surrounding seas and islands. However, if it’s difficult for you to read a map, don’t worry; the island is well-marked with signposts.

✔️ Tung Ping Chau

Do you enjoy observing rock structures? Then Tung Ping Chau would be to your taste because it has thinly bedded sedimentary and blocky rock formations that have geometrical designs. You can roam around the Ping Chau Country Trail to thoroughly examine the island’s shoreline.

Besides sightseeing on land, you can also snorkel and dive at Cheung Sha Wan beach. You can also see several coral reefs underneath the azure ocean of this beach.

✔️ Yim Tin Tsai

The natural salt pans and the century-old St. Joseph’s Chapel are two attractions on this little island that have received Unesco awards. Of course, there are a few additional locations to watch out for:

  • The Yim Tin Tsai Heritage Exhibition Centre: Traditional clothing, artifacts, and utensils.
  • The Salt and Light Preservation Centre: Souvenirs are available for purchase at the island’s visitor center.
  • The Spring of Living Water: The only supply of fresh water before the drought in the 1960s.
  • Jade-Girdle Beach: The bridge linking Yim Tin Tsai and Kau Sai Chau island.
  • The Sai Kung Town Centre: There are casual dining options or you can browse around for fast nibbles.
✔️ Po Toi

For those who enjoy rock formations, here is yet another island. The supine monk rock, tortoise rock, palm rock, conch rock, and prehistoric rock sculptures are a few remarkable rock formations. Additionally, you can go to the Tin Hau Temple, the Tai Wan settlement, the Nam Kok Tsui Lighthouse, and the Old Mansion of Family Mo.

Some Honourable Mentions

There are more destinations in Hong Kong than those mentioned above that you can visit while renting a yacht. The following islands were a few more to take into account:

  • Bluff Island – A notable area for corals and other marine life.
  • Basalt Island – Popular for its marine caves and arches.
  • Central Pier 10 – Iconic for Victoria Harbor’s skyline.
  • Clear Water Bay – Popular for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and High Junk Peak.
  • Nam Fung Wan – You can find freshwater lagoons, secret coves, and a well-known location for junk parties here.
  • Repulse Bay – It is a free public beach renowned for its clear water and fine, white sand.

Did you find a fun location? If yes, congratulations—you’re one step closer to booking that yacht charter getaway! If not, it’s okay; you still have time to choose and check the places and vessels to use.