Micro Hotels Setting New Trends With Smart Glass

Finding an affordable hotel that is also pleasant and convenient is one of the most difficult tasks for every traveler. Anyone who wants to travel regularly would tell you how hard it is to find a room that meets all these requirements.

Moreover, finding a location to work, relax, rest or recharge is even more difficult. We frequently find ourselves laying on an airport floor that is both uncomfortable and inconvenient. Thus, the idea of Micro-Hotels is a revolutionary change in this matter.

What are micro hotels?

When all you need is a place to rest or work for a few hours, big-box hotels aren’t good options. They cost you higher and offer extra services that you don’t even need. However, hoteliers are getting smarter. According to an article on The Coolist, “they’re designing small, functional, and visually fascinating rooms that deliver a big experience in a small space.” Micro-hotels are approximately 150 square feet in size. They use inventive design to make areas as dynamic as possible.

They’re adorable, cozy, and sometimes elegant and ascetic at the same time. Some offer five-star amenities, while others might not even have a front desk. There’s no other way to describe micro hotels or ‘microtels’ better than it is small but lovely.

The majority of micro-hotel rooms are smaller than 200 square feet. Despite being small they are really comfortable and ideal for regular travelers. While with design and style, these microtels are already booming, some have gone even farther. By installing technology and smart glass, micro hotels are creating new trends while setting the bar higher in the industry.

How micro hotels with smart glass are changing the way you travel?

Micro hotels are an excellent choice for anyone who’s on an early trip and must spend the night near the airport. Here are some reasons why these hotels are bringing transformational changes into the way you travel:

✔️ You’ll have a room that’s both pleasant and convenient, with no wasted space. Even if you don’t need to stay the night, a daytime layover at an airport-adjacent micro motel is ideal. While you explore, you can take a snooze, take a hot shower, and store your belongings safely.

✔️ Micro hotels are ideal for someone who will just be in their accommodation for a few hours. A micro-hotel offers an excellent blend of comfort, amenities, and cost for anyone. It is best for the conference attendees or busy visitors.

✔️ For budget tourists who used to share rooms, micro motels provide a welcome boost of privacy to them. If you’re used to staying in hostels or shared Airbnb rooms, a micro-hotel is ideal for you then. Also, it’ll be a lot more private for you. You’re in charge of the lights, the temperature, and the television remote for the first time!

✔️ Many mini-hotels feature more storage and business options than a standard hotel room. You won’t be scrambling to find a space to charge your phone, plug in your computer, or stash your belongings. Micro hotels are all about clever storage, smart design, and a positive user experience.

✔️ The best part is that mini-hotels are inexpensive! They can sometimes be as cheap as half the price of a standard hotel room. It’s difficult to pass up an offer like this.

What are the benefits of smart glass?

Switchable Glass, also known as smart glass, is LCG (light control glass). It uses liquid crystal nanotechnology that allows glass windows to go from transparent to the private mode by a button. In the specification phase, the smart film can be put as a sticker on existing windows. Or one can laminate it into a newly constructed glass for micro hotels.

Micro hotels utilize switchable privacy glass or electric windows. These provide the following services:

  •  Privacy on demand: Smart glass gives customers on-demand privacy that is simple to regulate and adds a sense of luxury.
  •  Low maintenance: LCG smart glass elevates the concept of smart, high-tech micro hotels by eliminating unsightly, difficult-to-clean window blinds and shades.
  • Multitask opportunities: Smart windows can also be used for various purposes, such as a whiteboard for work or a screen for a smart entertainment solution. Additionally, businesses can use the window space for advertising, which can help them generate more cash.

How does it feel like living in these micro hotels?

Sleepbox is a great example of such a type of hotel. It is the only modular, stand-alone, plug-in micro-hotel room within an airport.  Sleepbox offers a simple alternative for passengers wishing for a private place while traveling. With 16 nap-pods located in the Washington Dulles International Airport, it is creating a new experience. The sound-proof sleep pods have LCG liquid crystal switchable glass. That allows users to choose whether they want total seclusion or a more open environment. Additionally, to make things even easier for today’s tech-savvy travelers, Sleepbox has a mobile app. The app allows them to book, unlock, and manage their rooms (including the smart glass) from their phone.

The addition of switchable smart glass to micro hotels is a natural fit. Smart glazing on windows and glass walls can increase hotel ratings. Meanwhile, it can also make micro areas appear more open and large, giving little places a big impact.

Mikhail Krymov, CEO, co-founder, and developer of the concept, describes Sleepbox as “not a golden cage, but an adventure vehicle.” This cutting-edge design is enhanced by Gauzy’s LCG smart glass. It aims to make travel simple, inexpensively, and seamlessly.