Jillian Michaels Workout And Diet Revealed

Jillian Michaels, the tough and incredibly fit trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, is just as severe on herself as she is on others. Her awesome physique says it all. Moreover, the results of Jillian’s diet and fitness routine are undeniable.

What’s the secret behind Jillian Michaels superfit physique?

So, how does Jillian stay in shape and how many calories does she consume per day? Her most recent interview didn’t upset us regarding this. She shared a lot of fresh and unrevealed information. And here are some of the bites from her fitness talk:

What are the most common fitness myths?

The thing about fad diets is that everyone is trying to make a buck by promising to offer something different. However, finally, it doesn’t take much to figure out that the ultimate key is to eat less and move more. This way Jillian suggests following the basics and that simple and easy is the way to go in her opinion.

Does staying in shape trouble her?

She considers food as a never-ending battle for her. With training, she gets her workout done and is done until the next day. On the other hand, with food, it’s a constant struggle, as she eats and just an hour later feels hungry. 

Is there any favorite food Jillian can’t resist?

Wine and chocolate! According to Jillian, those two things make her life a living misery. She usually allows herself four glasses of wine every week. Similarly, she permits herself a small amount of chocolate of about 200 calories every day.

How does she motivate women to exercise?

She keeps everything simple and easy to understand. Michaels says that one must count calories in order to have complete control. Moreover, she encourages them to get a workout buddy, go to a local gym, and enroll in a class. Also, she preaches to make a decision that they will enjoy.

What does her diet look like?

On days when she works out, it’s 1,800 calories per day usually. She eats whole-grain cereal, blueberries, and organic nonfat yogurt for breakfast. Then follows a protein salad for lunch and a smoothie for a snack. It’s not enough to go to Jamba Juice, Jillian says. It will have a calorie count of 1,000. Thus, she makes a 200-calorie smoothie with organic berries, yogurt, half a scoop of protein powder, and two packets of sugar.

Has she ever struggled with her weight?

At her heaviest, she weighed around 170 pounds, and today her weight is somewhere between 115 and 120 pounds. Thus, empathy comes from her own life experiences.

Her DVD, the 30 Day Shred

Co-produced by ExerciseTV, it’s a workout counterpart to her book, Making the Cut. The book contains a 30-day regimen to help one get in the greatest shape of their life. She runs this application right before shooting.

What’s her workout regime like?

Every week, she attempts to put in five hours of work. Since Jillian wants her muscles to get smaller, she’s been doing a lot of high-intensity cardio. She considers herself somewhat chubby and doesn’t really like how she appears.