How to make Perfume Last Longer on Skin?

Great perfume helps not only to boost your mood but also helps you to influence others by the aroma. But due to certain mistakes, we can not enjoy their mesmerizing fragrance for a long time. However, contrary to popular belief, perfumes can be made to last longer, by keeping a few things in mind. Here are certain tips to help you:

Use High Concentration Perfume

Usually, we don’t focus on the  concentration levels while purchasing perfume. Only a high concentrate perfume lasts longer. Perfume is made by usually mixing fragrance molecules in water and alcohol. But how will you know which has a higher concentration? The percentage of fragrance molecules, water, and alcohol mentioned on the box help us determine this. The more the percentage of fragrance molecules increases, the higher the perfume concentration. According to its percentage experts have divided perfume concentration into 3 main categories.

  • Eau De Parfum: Under this type, you get 15% to 18% fragrance oil. This perfume will last for 6 to 8hours. This is the highest concentration of perfume.
  • Eau De Toilette: This type of perfume has 5% to 15% fragrance oil. This type of perfume will last for 4 to 6hours.
  • Eau De Cologne: This perfume is made with 2% to 4% fragrance oil. Eau De Cologne is effective for 2 to 4 hours.
  • Eau Fraiche: Only 1% to 3% of fragrance oils are present in this type of perfume. You can expect the fragrance to last for about 3 hours.
  • If you want your perfume to last more than 14 hours then you can buy perfume where you get 20% to 30% fragrance oils.

Store in a Cool & Dark place

Store your perfume in a cool and dark place. Storing at the right place can increase the lifespan of the perfume. Factor in these 3 key points for storage:

  • Cool place: Cool does not mean you should store it in the refrigerator. Cool in the sense you should store it between 12°C to 22°C. This temperature is ideal for storing perfume. Your perfume converts into crystal form in cold temperatures. If your perfume has a high alcohol percentage then the crystallization will start between 90°F to -130°F. If you are using a water-based perfume, then it will start at -28°F.
  • Not hot: If you store your perfume in a hot place then the evaporation process will be influenced. In the process of evaporation, fragrance molecules will initiate a chemical reaction with oxygen. At the end of this process, you will get more oxygen than fragrance molecules in your perfume bottle.

Stable temperature: You should choose a place where the temperature is stable. You should not choose the kitchen or window side. A closet will be the best place.

Right Place To Spray

A little warmth helps to spread the perfume fragrance and make it last longer. Now, the question is where is this perfect warm spot on your body? It’s where your vein is near to the skin. Also, where your skin is also thin compared to other body parts. Those parts are called the pulse points. Because of blood flow near to the skin, these pulse points are a little warm.

Spraying perfume on the pulse point will make sure that will last long. Those pulse points are the backside skin of the ear, wrist, the backside skin of the knee & neck. But, avoid rubbing your wrists together after you apply the perfume as mentioned by Francis Kurkdjian to Vogue. Gerard Camme of Atelier Cologne tells Instyle that one can spray perfume in the elbow creases and behind the knees. You can also apply the perfume on your clothes. Perfume lasts longer on fabric than your skin. Because on fabric perfume does not evaporate.

Use Moisturizer

Evaporation is the main reason why perfume does not last long. The evaporation rate is higher in dry skin than oily skin. Oily skin decreases the evaporation rate. So you should first moisten your skin with moisturizing lotion according to Cosmopolitan. The moisturizing lotion must be scent-free. If you are looking for cheap lotion then Vaseline can be a good option for you.

The Right Time To Spray

Sometimes, do you wonder why your perfume isn’t lasting even after applying it multiple times? The reason is your skin is not ready to ‘hold’ the perfume. For making your skin perfect to hold the aroma, you have to make sure:

  1. It is clean.
  2. It is moistened.

These are two qualities your skin has right after showering. When you apply perfume on unclean skin then the skin can not hold perfume. After showering properly your skin is super clean, and this cleanness will hold the aroma properly and make your perfume last. Moisture holds perfume for a long time too. Natural moisture develops on your skin, after a proper bath. This natural moisture of your skin will help hold perfume aroma. One thing you should avoid is using an external aroma to cover up strong body odor. The fragrance will mix with your body odor and will produce a really annoying smell.

Carry/Transport your perfume the right way

This one is really important. Most people don’t pay attention to how perfume is carried or transported, as the impact of this isn’t obvious to the eyes.

  1. You should NOT keep the perfume in a hot car: In a hot car, the oxidation process happens rapidly. This oxidation process decreases the quality of the scent considerably.
  2. Spray your aroma on a cotton swab: This step will be best to save your perfume bottle from breaking accidentally. You can spray some perfume on a cotton swab and carry it in a pouch or in your purse. It’s lightweight and keeps your favorite aroma with you.
  3.  Buy a little bottle for a vacation: Always buy a small size bottle of your perfume to carry on vacation. A 30ml aroma bottle to carry for vacation will be ideal not only for packing, but also to minimize your risk of breakage in transit.

Pro Tips

  1. Buy a black pouch: UV light can affect perfume aroma. UV light can easily penetrate lighter colors. Black color absorbs UV light and prevents the perfume aroma from fading.
  2. Buy a small bottle: When aroma comes in contact with air it starts to oxidize. So, the oxidation process starts affecting your perfume from the first time you open the bottle to use it. With a small bottle, you can decrease the number of oxidation processes of your entire stash.
  3. Dab, not rub: When we apply perfume on wrists, we get a subconscious urge to rub our wrists together, right? But you should not do that because the heat produced from rubbing can evaporate the aroma. Just dab it on your wrists.
  4. Cheaper isn’t better: In the perfume market, you will get cheaper perfume but don’t buy those blindly. You may think cheaper will save your money but it will really not. Expensive perfume will last 12 hours with one spray. In the cheapest product, you will need to spray it four times in 12 hours. Much quantity will be needed for long-term use in cheapest perfume, the expensive product will do the same in less quantity. And sometimes you can even develop an allergic reaction to cheaper perfumes since they don’t test their products properly to save money.
  5. Mix two or more perfumes: By mixing one or two perfumes you can get your own customized perfume. This type of customized perfume also lasts longer.
  6. Do not shake: By shaking you are unknowingly ruining your perfume. Shaking produces heat that will alter the molecular structure. As molecule structure will alter, the perfume quality can deteriorate.
  7. Buy the right bottle: Pay attention to the quality of the bottle at the time of making your purchase. The first is the bottle should not be too thin as it increases the chances of breaking and the second is that the bottle has a high-quality cap.