Free PDF Readers For Windows

Basic PDF reader programming is becoming less necessary. However, PDF readers are still useful for carrying out some tasks.

When we need to open a PDF file, we often use either the easily available built-in PDF reader software in Windows or the most trusted Adobe Acrobat reader. Check our prior post if you’re looking for a PDF converter.

We are aware that these are the greatest options. But, if you need a reader to carry out more tasks, look for PDF readers that are free to use and capable of carrying out many tasks.

This PDF reader software can open a PDF file. Besides, they can combine an archive, convert reports to other layout pictures, and do countless other things.

Using Your Web Browser

You don’t need specialized software if your only needs are to view PDF documents. So, if you don’t care about the features that come with advanced PDF reader software for Windows, you don’t have to bother looking for a devoted program. Your web browsers come equipped with a free PDF reader, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera.

They are a component of your internet browser and are regularly updated with new features near your application. When you click a PDF interface, the web browser starts opening the PDF file on its own. Then, it provides you with a clutter-free understanding experience. You can also use features like adjustable content size, pivot, download, and printing with any program.

However, you only need to drag the PDF file to an open application window to open it if you need to access privately stored PDF files using your web browser. Moreover, you can right-tap on the document and select “Select Another Program” to select a different software. Your internet browser is the greatest PDF viewer you can get if you don’t regularly access or read PDF documents.

Other Free PDF Reader To Look Out For:
✔️ Foxit Reader

Given that it offers all the features a PDF viewer should have, this is the greatest replacement for Adobe Reader. This PDF reader’s strip-based user interface is supported by Microsoft Office. The best thing about it is that you can quickly look at multiple PDFs concurrently due to its selective reading.

Moreover, it includes PDF explanation and shape filling. More resources are available for download that will help you convert PDF files to any format and the other way around.

✔️ Nitro PDF Reader

This meticulously maintained reader offers a variety of record-viewing options from which you can choose wisely.

With the help of this reader, you can easily convert reports from paper format to PDF format and vice versa.

You can also use it to instantly delete all of the images from a PDF document. Besides, this PDF includes an option for annotation and features, and you can even add sticky notes to the opened file.

✔️ Javelin PDF Reader

This PDF reader is really lightweight and contains all the essential features. For example, full-screen mode, persistent mode, next-to-each-other mode, and endless possibilities after that.

With Javelin PDF reader’s ultra-perfect UI, you can complete all daily chores that need simple PDF reading.

✔️ Slim PDF Reader

Due to its small size, it won’t take up much space on your computer. Everything is as clear as crystal, including the controls and path.

In this PDF reader, you can easily search, print, and rotate the archives. The paperwork is piling up quickly, so you have the choice of finishing your work faster.

✔️ Sumatra PDF Reader

The 64-piece installer for this little PDF viewer is 5 MB in size. With its rapid execution, this PDF reader will provide you with an amazing reading experience.

The console supports many simple routes that will help you navigate properly. Moreover, with the help of this PDF reader, you can easily set up content tools to support Sumatra and view Latex archives.

✔️ Expert PDF Reader

You can see and use this free PDF reader to view and use PDF files successfully. It comes with several brand-new features. for example, the ability to spotlight material, write notes, create book boxes, and more.

It’s a fantastic tool that will enable you to create personalized stamps and moreover motivate you to successfully manage them.

The option to archive the mark comes in this PDF reading. So it’s a simple reader that will serve you well.

✔️ Adobe PDF Reader

This exceptional reader will satisfy all of your basic requirements for a PDF reader. Unlike the readers mentioned above, this one has a really basic UI and isn’t overloaded with features.

You will be able to do all necessary tasks, including adding a comment, filling out structures, and adding marks. Besides, you can always go back to Adobe Reader’s fundamentals if you experience any problems using other readers.

The Bottom Line

Which free PDF reading program do you now like using? Your choices may change depending on your use and demands. However, you’ll undoubtedly find a suitable configuration on this list of suggestions. Don’t forget to try them and let us know how it goes.