Facts You Should Know Before Visiting Japan

If you’re a traveler who’s set on a voyage to see this colorful world, Japan must be on your list. Or if you’re an anime enthusiast who’s fascinated by the culture, you would definitely be planning a trip to Japan someday. So, if we’re right, you should be aware of the place you’re going to travel to. Meanwhile, even if you’re not going there, Japan is an intriguing country with a lot of interesting facts that you should know.

Some unique facts about Japan 

Anyone can travel to a variety of different places throughout the world to learn about local traditions and customs. On the other hand, knowing the place before you visit it is a wise thing to do. So, if Japan is your next destination, here are some of the things highlighted by EzAssignmentHelp professionals that you should know.

#1. You shouldn’t try to tip

Some nations encourage leaving tips for different service providers. However, this practice isn’t universal. In fact, there is no such thing as tipping service providers in Japan. So, instead of getting yourself in trouble with the service providers, stick to the price of the rendered services and leave.

#2. You might not find plenty of trash cans there

As you wander in the city, it’d be normal to not see a trash can nearby. They are really far away from us. However, a lot of visitors like munching while they explore. So, to prevent hassles, it will be best if you have a plastic bag with you that you can use as you move.

#3. Have enough Wi-Fi

Tokyo is a very large city. So, you must learn directions if you’re a newcomer to the area. Moreover, if you don’t speak Japanese, you might need to take the help of your translator often. Thank God for more advanced technology and Google maps, which allow users to monitor movements. So, to stay out of any sticky circumstances, travel with more Wi-Fi or Data for simple navigation.

#4. In some places, you would have to remove your shoes

Some restaurants in Japan demand that you take your shoes off before you even step inside. The hostess will take care of your shoes. This is beneficial because other restaurants advise patrons to take off their shoes before even giving them seats. Therefore, wear some excellent, clean socks if you want to be safe.

#5. Prepare your credit cards

Many people think that Japanese people are not big credit card users. Well, many retail stores favor credit card payments over cash payments. Cash is only accepted for payment at tiny retail establishments. So, don’t fall for it; bring your credit cards on the road.

#6. Tattoos are somewhat still a taboo there

Even though many people adore tattoo concepts, be careful when you visit Japan. There are several places, including the onsen, where persons with tattoos are not welcome. Thus, bring tape to conceal tattoos so you won’t humiliate yourself and can still respect their views while on vacation. People with tattoos are usually viewed as part of local mob gangs or the yakuza.

#7. Japan’s metro system is not always open

Even in the gleaming, well-maintained Tokyo, there isn’t a 24-hour train system. This may seem astonishing in a nation with so many amenities. Be prepared to run for the last train while organizing your night out. You’ll need to enter via the doors between 11:30 p.m. and 1:00 a.m., depending on where you are. Moreover, missing the train can be a costly (but exciting) mistake that forces you to rely on an expensive cab. Besides, be sure to have the address of your hotel or final destination properly printed or written before leaving. Other choices? Entertain yourself by singing till the wee hours of the morning at one of the late-night karaoke bars. It often costs less than a cab.

#8. Japanese people consider it rude when you point at people or things

In Japan, there are strict laws against pointing at objects or people. Also, saying “hello” to complete strangers on the street, eating or drinking in public, and taking images of individuals without their consent are big NOs. So, be careful how you react to events that don’t go as planned because it’s equally rude to yell or lose your cool in Japan.

Additionally, when asking for favors, keep in mind that Japanese people are constantly concerned about upsetting others. They frequently say “yes” when they truly mean “no,” and vice versa. Thus, you need to be able to read a little between the lines while using this indirect type of communication. Look for context cues, such as if they reach for a manager or show some signs of hesitance when they say “yes.” And if they refuse, don’t press the issue because it’s a big deal for them to say no.

#9. Explore hi-tech toilets

There are more modern, electronic toilets in Japan than you can imagine. You will get a bidet, a deodorizer, a heated seat, and many other amenities. However, you can still find traditional restrooms in old places like temples and shrines. So, keep in mind all of these, and you will enjoy yourself.


Traveling is a wonderful experience, especially when you go somewhere new. However, make sure to familiarize yourself with the basics of the nation you intend to visit. Pay attention to new technological innovations and national ideologies. In any event, traveling to Japan is highly recommended. When visiting Japan, remember the aforementioned advice to maximize your enjoyment of the entire trip.