All You Need To Know About Lauren Conrad’s Diet & Workout  

The American TV actress, fashion designer, and author was a really active kid, playing sports all the time. However, later the workload made her busy and left Lauren Conrad with no time to exercise.

Though she was fine with her daily routine, the 5-foot-6 Conrad realized that she needed to get fit again. She wanted to feel better about slipping into her favorite clothes again, especially her Pucci bikinis. Thus, Conrad decided to get into a fitness routine and take things into her hand.

She joined hands with Jarett Del Bene, the Enter Equinox trainer. He devised a shape-up program for Conrad and her roommate, Audrina Patridge, The Hills costar. This plan helped her incredibly to achieve her fitness goals, slimming Conrad down from 6 pounds to 119.

What’s Lauren Conrad’s Fitness Principle?

Conrad has never been into a regular exercise regimen. After the decision of taking the help of the celebrity trainer Jarrett, she started making moves. She adjusted to a lifestyle including a dedicated diet and workout plan, which has undoubtedly put her into great shape.

Currently, she focuses on engaging in a lot of circuit training and pays attention to her body weight. It has not only kept her healthy and happy but also built her muscles stronger.

Lauren Conrad’s Diet 

On the Del Bene regimen, Conrad intakes 1,500 calories per day in six meals. Her menu, which is heavy on fish and vegetables, is pinned up on her fridge. And on her cheat days, she simply eats carbs.

Lauren Conrad prioritizes breakfast above other meals throughout the day. She makes sure that each meal is substantial and that her snacks are tasty. However, her breakfast should consist of complex carbs and fibers, providing her with the energy she needs in the morning. Also, she avoids the risk of a midday crash that simple carbs can cause.

  • Breakfast: For breakfast, LC enjoys her coffee with skim milk added to it. She gets calcium and protein from a whole-grain waffle and 2 teaspoons of peanut butter. Her other options to start her day are oatmeal or a bowl of Kashi cereal, both with skim milk.
  • Lunch: Cobb salad with turkey bacon, egg whites, veggies, avocado, and balsamic dressing that is high in fiber and protein. Another option is a grilled chicken salad with chunks of light tuna and feta cheese on a bed of lettuce.
  • Midday: Half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese and ten raw almonds keep her energized. A serving of low-fat yogurt and seven walnuts are also sufficient.
  • Dinner: A protein-rich 4-to 6-ounce dish of lean fish like tilapia or chicken breast. On the side, a salad or roasted vegetables assist to satisfy her stomach.

Does Lauren Conrads take any supplements?

Lauren strives to meet all of her nutritional needs through her meals. Though she does take supplements, such as magnesium and probiotics for a few nutrients.

Does she force herself to stick to a diet?

Lauren isn’t one to stick to a rigid diet, and when she does, she frequently falls off the wagon. When it comes to photoshoots, she tends to modify her diet. She starts meal prep with a low-carb and nutritious diet.

Lauren Conrad’s Workout

Conrad pulls weights and runs on the treadmill for an hour twice a week. On her days off, she goes for a 45-minute trek in Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles.

After all her efforts, the first place she lost weight was her small belly. Now, she’s delighted about her arms because they were a little squishy.

Lauren Conrad has lost body fat, firmed up, and found how thrilling it is to complete a hard workout. In the seven months that she worked out with the celebrity trainer Jarett Del Bene, she improved a lot.

She even released her training DVD, Look Like a 10, Feel Like a 10 later that year. While expressing her opinion about workout experience, she says that if one doesn’t sweat, they aren’t really working out.

What workout activity does she practice?

With 30-to 60-minute circuit-training rounds using free weights or bands, Jarrett Del Bene got Lauren glowing. He says her workout plan consisted of various exercises and they made sure to do something different each day.

Lauren Conrad exercises with a high-intensity workout, including kickboxing and other cardio routines. She also likes to mix things up now and then to add diversity and make it interesting.

Wondering what routine she follows? Here are some of the exercises listed below that Lauren practices to stay in shape:

#1. Squat and press

It consists of working on the legs, butt, and shoulders. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and a resistance tube looped beneath your arches. Hold a handle in each hand, palms facing front, next to shoulders. Bend knees and drop hips until thighs are parallel to the ground. Then press your hands overhead as you rise. Return to the starting point and recount the process.

#2. Row

It works for the back and biceps. Wrap a resistance band around your arches while sitting on the ground with your legs stretched. Sit with your body tall, chest high, and shoulders back, holding an edge of the strap in each hand.

Wrap the strap around your hands until it’s tight, extending your arms in front of you with palms facing each other. Draw hands toward the bottom half of the rib cage while maintaining a high chest. Extend arms and continue.

#3. Resisted push-up

This is effective for the chest, triceps, and core. In each hand, hold one side of the elastic. Wrap the band around your shoulder blades and do a push-up on your hands and toes (or knees if required). Meanwhile, keep your wrists positioned beneath your shoulders. A tight band is ideal. Lower yourself into a push-up, then press yourself back up; repeat.