Indulge in a different Vacation every time

Annually returning to the same location and doing the same thing might become a habit. We are more at ease when dealing with topics we are acquainted with. However, vacation is a very essential part of the year, and many individuals only get a few weeks off. You earned this time, so instead of returning back to the same area, why not try something new? When you return to work, you should be recharged, completely calm and free of any tension and stress. There are so many more locations to see in the globe if you just open your mind to new activities.

Traveling to Thailand and staying at the Grand Mercure Khao Lak is to experience a new culture and natural beauty. To ensure that you have the best trip possible the next time, you want to follow some of these tips for travelling during the holidays.

Preferably, set a date for your vacation and then start looking for a location that meets your demands. Many nations have varying weather throughout the year and do not have seasons like the UK or USA. Decide if you want a beach vacation or to spend your time discovering nature in the highlands and rainforests. You’ll get numerous holiday travel suggestions, but this should be at the top of your list.

When it comes to vacation planning, many of us end up frantic at the last moment. If you have pets that need to be cared for while you are gone, make arrangements immediately. This is one thing that cannot be arranged at the last minute. If you don’t want your house unoccupied during your vacation, get someone to watch it. This is also not something to do the week before a trip. For more information on how to plan the ideal vacation click here.

These are only two things you need to start planning months before your vacation. Look for activities to do in Myrtle Beach ahead of time. You only have one opportunity to plan the vacation of a lifetime. Be prepared and make your preparations ahead of time.

5 popular vacation kinds with their benefits and drawbacks

#1. Travel out of the Country

Visiting new places. My preferred mode of travel! This sort of trip might be exciting or worrisome.

People that prefer new experiences, moving beyond their comfort zones, and learning new things would enjoy it. People who enjoy the anticipation, remain close to home, and aren’t wild about gastro-experimentation might be frustrated by this sort of trip.


  • Experiencing various cultures, histories, and architecture
  • Learning about a new cuisine, customs, and “normal”
  • Seeing what you’ve only read about


  • Longer flights & layovers are common.
  • You may not like some of the local cuisine (always fun for me though)
  • Preparation is required, including passports, power converters, and basic language skills.

#2. A Beach Day

When you hear the term “vacation,” you often imagine a white sand beach. Lapping waves and gentle breezes swaying nearby palms.

Relax, unwind, and worry about nothing except when to reapply sunscreen and what magazines to read while lying on the beach. Travelers who get bored fast, prefer a place with intellectual stimulation.


  • Recharging in a tropical paradise
  • Delicious seafood and cocktails with umbrellas
  • Your return tan will be the envy of all your friends.


  • There’s just so much you can do (so settle in).
  • H2O that wreaks havoc on hair.
  • Sand in areas you shouldn’t receive sand, and sand in your possessions for weeks

#3. Camping Out

Reconnecting with nature is a terrific way to relax. Camping is a great way to spend time with Mother Nature.

This sort of trip is good for folks who appreciate getting filthy, channeling their inner Paul Bunyan, and enjoying nature. Those who like hot showers, cozy beds, and no insect repellent may find themselves urging Mother Nature to go lost.


  • Reconnecting with nature in a lovely setting
  • Sleeping amid a limitless blanket of stars, lit by the moon
  • The chance to toast the ideal marshmallow over a roaring fire (assuming no fire restrictions)


  • Vacation without luxury (no shower, sleeping on the ground, and peeing in the bushes)
  • The icy temps and every noise you think is a bear keep you awake.
  • Setting up your tent will test your patience

#4. A City Trip

A journey to the city is the polar opposite. An incredible urban experience soundtracked by horns, construction sounds, and muffled talk.

This sort of trip is ideal for folks who prefer supper and a performance or channeling their inner Carrie Bradshaw. This trip is a nightmare for anyone who despises crowds, noise, and stale pavement.


  • There’s something for everyone, from restaurants to entertainment to museums.
  • Availability of flights and transportation
  • The amazement of feeling insignificant and continuously amused


  • Crowds. Many (which become exponentially worse around major holidays)
  • City dwellers, like tourists, face greater crime rates (so keep tabs on your belongings and be aware of your surroundings)
  • The shimmering lights aren’t free, so be prepared for some sticker shock.

#5. A Road Trip

Ah, freedom. It’s unique. And cruising through gorgeous back roads is a great way to listen to music while driving.

This style of travel is great for those who want adventure and flexibility, or who live near interesting locations. It’s not for individuals who like to remain put, detest being pent up, or fall asleep at the wheel (non-starter).


  • Travel where you want, bring what you want, and stay where you want
  • Get a closer look at the locations you visit (and travel anyplace you wish). (No Uber!)
  • A perfect occasion to reconnect with old music or that unfinished book on tape.


  • Bad drivers and road rage
  • A lot of driving (leading to cramped legs, short tempers, and less-than-ideal cuisine)
  • When petrol costs are high, buying a plane ticket might be cheaper.

#6. Cruise

This style of trip is ideal for individuals who like water sports, variety, and learning nautical terms. This holiday is not for those who suffer from severe motion sickness, fear of water, or don’t like bingo.


  • Visiting many places but just unpacking once (cue angel voices)
  • Countless activities on and off board
  • The unusual experience of traveling via floating hotel (nothing like it!)


  • Seasickness risk (especially in rough waters)
  • The chance of contracting any illness the ship may have
  • Fear of a Titanic scenario (albeit only 16 cruise ships sank between 1980 and 2012). Good luck with your endeavors.