Hawaii Where to stay in Maui, Hawaii?

Hawaii is famous for its breathtaking islands, each so unique and has so much to offer. Travelers have a hard time choosing the best island to stay on while visiting Hawaii.

So, how do you make the most of your stay if you are making a trip to Maui? It would surely depend more on what you are looking for in your stay in Maui.

Waterfalls, beaches, bamboo forests, whale-watching, and a lot more attractions make Maui one of the most visited islands in Hawaii.

Maui Island Of Hawaii

Maui is the second-largest island of Hawaii with over 727 square miles in size. It is a popular destination among all types of travelers, who prefer the versatile liveliness of the island. Serene beaches, pristine forests, wineries, golf courses, red and black sand, volcanic crater, and so much more.

Maui is sprawling into six areas based on the side of the island East Maui, West Maui, South Maui, North Maui, Upcountry, and Central Maui. Travelers should plan their stay on the island keeping in mind the incredible attractions Maui island offers.

Hotels & Resorts

Maui is home to beautiful accommodations with world-class amenities like golf courses and luxurious spa centers. It does not come as any surprise that Maui offers as many as 7,400 hotels and resorts to its travelers.

Most of the Maui resorts are around the primary areas in the West and South Maui. Tourists could enjoy the smaller properties located in more distant regions of the island.

How To Choose The Best Place To Stay In Maui?

Everyone is familiar with how the pricing for a hotel or a resort generally works. The location of the hotel plays a prominent role in the prices. In most cases, the closer the hotel or resort to the beach, the higher the prices.

However, the number of amenities, type of resort, size of the rooms, etc., also add to the overall price for the hotel room. Have a look at the following to understand more about how to choose the best place based on the location and view.

Location of the island

Maui is a unique paradise with every side of the island offering stunning views and activities to its travelers. Make the most of your vacation by choosing the best suitable place for your stay in Maui. Following are the famous locations on the island of Maui:

1️⃣ South Maui

South Maui offers a beautiful coastline experience to its travelers with the best of resorts on the beach for a stay on the island.

Choose South Maui for the beautiful resorts and hotels on Wailea Beach on the island. Wailea Beach is probably the most famous on the island for its bustling nightlife and scrumptious dining options.

2️⃣ North Maui

The North shore on the island of Maui is the best location for people who are not looking for much activity during their stay. Paia beach of north Maui is a famous option to stay among beach bummers and backpackers.

The north side works best for people wanting to spend their days on the beach as it is not bustling with adventure tours and activities. Paia offers a peaceful break to travelers with its serene and rustic ambiance. Enjoy seafood restaurants and some exciting surfing sessions while you stay around this village.

3️⃣ West Maui

West Maui is nothing short of gorgeous views and activities that the island offers to the Maui family travelers. Beautiful beaches of West Maui include Lahaina, Napili, Kahana, Olowalu, Kaanapali, etc. The postcard-perfect location of Kaanapali on the Southside of Maui is great for unique experiences full of adventure and fun.

 Lahaina is a vibrant place perfect for travelers looking for those incredible Instagram-able dining and lifestyle pictures. Enjoy your days shopping around the town and relishing delicious food while exploring Maui.

4️⃣ East Maui

East Maui is home to the Hana and Kipahulu districts of the famous Haleakala National Park of Maui. Road to Hana is one of the biggest attractions that allows travelers to sightsee and explore the uniqueness of the island.

Choose from the mix of budget-friendly and luxurious stay options in Hana to explore the location for a great stay in Maui. However, Hana is not for those who would want to shake a leg after dark, as this place usually prefers to sleep early.

5️⃣ Upcountry Maui

Upcountry Maui sits on the world’s biggest dormant volcano. Discover the places around the volcano crater to enjoy a unique perspective of traveling in Maui. The volcano life of the Upcountry Maui is home to quirky homes on the slopes of the volcano.

Enjoy the natural beauty of the area roaming and lounging around the elevated hill. Staying at Makawao or Kula offers decent bed and breakfast options for an incredible experience of the location. Being on a higher level on the hill, Upcountry Maui can get cooler in temperature at night.

6️⃣ Central Maui

Central Maui is another unique experience of the island with former battlegrounds of the tribal era to give you an insight into the island. Visit Iao Valley State Park and spend your days hiking on the Waihee trail of central Maui.

Central Maui works as the best location to stay for people who don’t want to spend a big wad of money on staying close to the beach. Central Maui’s Kahului and Waiehu towns offer some great places to stay while on a visit to Maui.


Vacation around the different locations in Maui is a unique experience in itself as you get to see and explore so much around the island. Choose a place to stay that suits your style, as well as budget while enjoying the location. Maui is like two faces of a coin; one side of the island is all lush and green while the other is filled with more sunlight.

Enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and visit wineries and lavender farms along with other natural sightseeing and attractions on the island.