Is Plastic Surgery Really Worth It?

Is plastic surgery worth it? There was a time when humanity could rely on the passing years for the justice they needed against discrimination. They knew that one-day folks endowed with great beauty would realize that being pretty doesn’t entitle them to misconduct.

Over the passing years, Plastic Surgery certainly became an answer to all such concerns.

It refers to a variety of techniques that modify or enhance the body’s shape. Although the phrase commonly links to cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgery actually covers a wide range of procedures. For example, reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, burn therapy, and more.

Depending on the needs and desires, people can have different reasons to have plastic surgery. However, whatever the motivation is, you should not take this step lightly. You must always try to learn all the aspects before and be aware of what you are going to receive.

Top 5 Surgical Procedures

  • Liposuction (455,489) down 5%
  • Breast augmentation (364,610) up 9%
  • Eyelid surgery (231,467) down 20%
  • Nose reshaping (200,924) up 21%
  • Tummy tuck (169,314) up 12%

What do positive opinions say?

In this age of advancement, why waste your crucial years on random acts of kindness for the praises you deserve. Why settle with a less-than-perfect face when a cut, stitch or fill can transform it for the better. It can help you accomplish things in seconds that used to take a lifetime of patience and good deeds.

All you need is money and a bit of courage to get your desired look. After all, not only does it make you look good but gives you a massive amount of self-confidence by making you feel light and good about yourself.

Plastic surgery can be counted as one of medical science’s best practices. Also, doctors have been ensuring patients for decades about its benefits and how with time they will look incredibly beautiful. However, there are groups, let’s say, a bunch of Beauty Abusers, who’ve been constantly disdaining these efforts in subtle manners.

Top 5 Non-Surgical Procedures

  • Botox injections (3,294,782) up 16%
  • Laser hair removal (1,566,909) up 11%
  • Hyaluronic acids: Hylaform, Restylance (1,194,222) up 35%
  • Microdermabrasion (1,023,931) down 7%
  • Chemical peel (556,172) down 50%

What’s the negative POV?

They’re everywhere now, not just in Los Angeles. Women, and sometimes men, who have gone farther by human standards.

They walk among us, expressionless, with no lines, creases, or even skin fold. Rejoicing in their looks and pitying those who have to endure the disgrace of seeming human. This is all that negative opinions have to say. However, there could be certain risks of plastic surgeries, which might harm you later on. Thus, you should not entirely overlook the negative points.

Heather John, a former style editor for the Los Angeles Times Magazine, witnessed the upsurge of dot-com millionaires and glamor wineries in her homeland. She lives in Los Angeles and grew up in Napa. While recalling an old-line Napa doyenne telling of a trophy newcomer, she says, “We don’t do cleavage in the Napa Valley.”

Maybe they didn’t before, but now they do, says John. She observes, “It’s a badge. They want you to know, ‘I got a three-karat ring and $20,000 tits’ says the narrator. They want it to appear false.”

Dr. Jessica Wu, a dermatologist in Los Angeles, advises, “Better to rent than to own. There’s a resistance against perfection.” she says.

People, including those who used to wish for an absolute smooth look, are requesting more subtlety-less Botox and filler.

This shows how the convenience of plastic surgery has increased people’s desperation to get more and more beautiful. People mostly want to get plastic surgery to ‘imitate’ others’ features and that’s not quite the right thing to do.

So, should you get plastic surgery?

The benefits of getting plastic surgery are highly personal and so are the risks. If you really feel like it can improve your looks and lifestyle, then you should opt for it. However, be 100% sure that you’re in your best possible condition while you decide to get the surgery. Moreover, consult an expert, ask a lot of questions, and don’t let money be the determining factor.

On the other hand, if you want to get surgery just to look like your favorite celebrity, it’s better to back away. There are many who now wish they had never gone for surgery, even celebrities when their surgery went wrong. Also, you don’t know how your body is going to respond to it. Thus, it is advisable to make such decisions only after you’ve thought deeply about it and have considered reliable sources.