Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Everybody aspires for a healthy lifestyle, but the thing is, people are so busy nowadays that they sometimes struggle to eat healthy food and maintain a healthy weight.

Being at the right weight is a health goal of many. Some people try to increase their weight or lose weight due to some underlying health issues whereas others do so to avoid a potential health risk in the future. If you’re able to reach the ideal weight based on your age, gender, height, weight, BMI etc you can have not only good physical health but good mental health as well.

For some overweight people losing weight could be a tough task. But before setting random weight-loss goals, people have to understand WHY they want to lose weight or the health benefits that come with losing weight. It is more than just fitting in cute dresses or wearing stylish clothes. Losing weight helps you in achieving good physical health, mental health and lower the risk of serious illness.

There are lots of surprising health benefits of losing weight that people might not be aware of.

Let’s look into the health benefits of losing weight:

1. Decreased joint pain:

Excess weight puts your joints under stress, possibly causing damage and inflammation. Weight loss can reduce such risks. Losing weight can also reduce the risk of developing arthritis and improve/maintain joint function. With less joint pain you can take part in different physical activities & be independent in your movement.

 2. Regulates Blood Sugar:

Excess body fat increases adipose tissue, causes inflammation and affects the function of insulin and the regulation of blood sugar. Weight loss is effective in people with Type 2 Diabetes, as it helps in improving insulin sensitivity, which helps in managing blood sugar effectively in the body. If you already have diabetes, weight loss can help reduce the intake of your prescribed medication dose. To regulate your blood sugar levels, take a balanced diet that includes:

  • Vegetables including mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, and zucchini
  • Leafy salad greens such as spinach, chard, and kale
  • Whole grain, contains high fibre
  • Dark, leafy salad greens like spinach, chard, and kale
  • Lean proteins like Greek yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, or tofu
3. Better Sleep:

Excess weight can cause fat deposits in the neck, blocking your airways. It can lead to the risk of developing sleep apnea, a sleep disorder where people stop breathing over and over all night, which can lead to poor sleep & in some cases prove to be fatal. Losing weight can reduce the severity of sleep apnea. Many tools and apps like are available that can help you lose weight and improve sleep quality.

4. Reduced risk of cancer: 

Losing weight can lower the risk of cancer. As per the American Cancer Society, excess body weight is considered to be the cause of about 11% of cancers in women and 5% of cancers in men. Being overweight can increase the risk of certain cancer such as kidney, liver, pancreatic and breast cancer. While there is no such evidence on how weight loss reduces the risk of cancer, it is believed cancer risk increases due to visceral fat, or the fat that surrounds the organs hence, weight loss can reduce the risk of cancer.

5. Improves Heart Health:

Weight loss is linked with a healthy heart. Losing weight can reduce the risk & improve heart health. Losing weight can reduce the pressure on arteries which means your heart doesn’t have to work extra hard to pump blood to the body, this can result in regulated blood pressure.

6. Reduce LDL Cholesterol:

Weight loss can also reduce Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels aka the “bad” cholesterol. You can reduce LDL cholesterol with medication and food but it is very difficult to increase High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) aka the “good” cholesterol in your body. Exercise and burning body fat can help you reach ideal HDL cholesterol.

7. Boost your mood:

Weight Loss increases sleep quality, which means you can feel energized during day time. Excessing body weight makes your body muscle work extra harder to move, so losing your body weight means less energy required to move your body. Weight loss can also improve your respiratory function, making you feel more energized & alert.

8. Decreased risk of Stroke:

Excessive weight can increase the risk of stroke as high blood pressure puts stress on blood vessels which make them stiffer and may even cause a blood clot. Exercise and healthy eating greatly reduce the risk of a stroke.

9.  Reduce Heartburn:

Excessive weight can increase the risk of heartburn. The extra fat around the belly increases the pressure on the stomach which results in the forcing up of acid into the esophagus. Weight loss can help relieve the pressure on the stomach and hence lower heartburn.

10. Improve Self Esteem:

Some studies show that weight loss can improve mood and also increase self-confidence. After losing weight people feel better, are body positivity and feel improved self-worth. They feel more happy and confident.

Tips to reduce weight

  1. Set Goals – Before working on any weight-loss activity, it’s suggested to set a goal… a realistic goal. Set the goal according to your lifestyle and health. Think about the process of how you are going to work on it and visualize the outcome.
  2. Healthy Eating – Start eating healthy. Reduce your calories. Cut back on redefined crabs. Reduce the intake of processed sugar, starches, carbohydrates and replace them with whole grains & complex carbs. Protein is important to preserve muscle mass while losing weight. Sources of healthy protein include fish, chicken, eggs, beans, legumes etc.
     Increase the intake of plant-based foods, fruits & vegetables. They are packed with important micro-nutrients and eating plant-based food does not increase calories drastically. Do not neglect healthy fat i.e mono-unsaturated fats and poly-unsaturated fats, your body still needs fat for energy. You can include olive oil, almond, peanuts, cashew, avocado in your diet.
  3.  Exercise – Physical activities and a healthy diet can help in losing weight. But a regular, structured exercise routine can help you to burn extra calories faster & toning up your muscles. Exercises can help in mood boost, strengthening your cardiovascular system and reducing your blood pressure and maintaining your ideal weight.


Weight loss might look difficult for some people but you can start your weight loss journey slowly (one small step at a time) and make sustainable, gradual changes to your daily routine and eating habits. It’s not an overnight change, but keep at it and you will soon see the results.