A Diet to Lose 300 Pounds

If you believe you need to go on a ‘special’ diet to drop 300 pounds, think again. However, it’s absolutely true that losing 300 pounds needs a diet. Therefore, to lose 300 pounds, or any amount for that matter, you need a strategy. It has to be a good plan, one which you can stick to as a habit.

A diet to shed 300 pounds, or any amount of weight is nothing but a strategy to provide your body with nutrient-rich foods. Basically,  it is determining what you can eat and what you must stop eating.

So, what does a diet to lose 300 pounds look like?

To seek the best answer to this question we need to look for someone who has already done that. Thus, we decided to turn to Ruby Gettinger. One of her greatest achievements has been overcoming her junk food addiction. She developed a true passion for balanced, nutritional meals that include lean protein, vegetables, and fruit.

She claims that jotting down everything she eats is the key secret to her progress. “I go over my calorie count if I don’t maintain a journal,” she says. “If I don’t manage to maintain a strict record of my eating habits, it’ll end up hurting me more.”

What does she include in her diet?

Here’s a sample of the diet Gettinger follows:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal or an omelet with egg whites. An omelet with a little spinach and tomato is one of her dearest. And she claims to be in love with it.
  • Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken. She likes to estimate everything, calculate calories, and maintain a diary.
  • Dinner: Vegetables and broiled tilapia. She enjoys eating fish. Ruby says, “I never pictured the day when I would long fish.”
  • Snack: A Glucerna smoothie or fruit and cottage cheese Ruby, who enjoys protein beverages, says, “On Our life Fresh, you may have five snacks during the day.”