5 Strategies to Use Big Data for Local SEO Marketing

The utilization of big data has now become a very vital aspect of modern business. Companies can now improve their human resources using big data technology likewise financial management and marketing strategies. In the modern age, the Digital marketing industry is largely dependent on big data. According to an estimation, companies can spend over $5 billion in 2026 on big data marketing services.

One of the most important big data applications in the marketing industry is SEO. Companies providing a guide for their SEO strategies using data analytics and AI technology have an incredible edge over others.

Must Utilize Data for Local SEO Strategies

The current estimation shows that there are over 30.2 million small businesses located in the US. Therefore, it is quite critical for you to make yours stand out. However, one of the best ways to do this is by getting local traffic and visits to your venue. More so, using data-driven marketing strategies that allow you to reach local audiences helps you immensely.

To make this happen, you will need to invest in a top-notch local SEO strategy. To do this, you need to first figure out which data-driven SEO tools and resources to use. Further, you’ll have to learn how to utilize them to your advantage. Continue reading this article to learn some marketing-related local business ideas to generate more interest in your services.

#1. Discover the Best Performing Local Keywords by using Data Mining Tools

Using local keywords in your blog posts, HTML, and descriptions is one of the best local SEO ideas. These keywords usually include the city or area that you’re in along with something related to your website. An example of this type of keyword includes, “Chinese restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.’

Another strategy you can use in local keywords is the capitalization of ‘near me’ searches. Note that a lot of mobile device users will make queries like ‘Chinese restaurant near me’ to discover immediate services. By doing so, you are directing these users to your website to instantly convert sales.

It is quite unfortunate that finding the best keywords to use for local businesses can be pretty difficult. However, the good news is that big data tools have made it a lot easier. With the utilization of tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs, such tools are greatly relied on for data analytics. It is easier to use these tools to access databases of keywords, which you can pull from Google Keyword Planner. Additionally, you can use tools like data mining to see which keywords similar websites are ranking for. This, in turn, helps them to identify keywords that might not have been considered in the past. This option is very effective to prevent tunnel vision by looking for keywords with the same keywords for seed ideas. However, you can also use data analytics to figure out the best long-tail keywords.

#2. Use AI to Optimize Your Listing and Claim Your GMB Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is a database that small businesses utilize effectively to claim their address and business type. First of all, you visit the GMB website, input the name of your business and the address. Then enter other relevant information, and finally verify your location. With this method, you can get your website at the top of Google when customers that are nearby make searches such as ‘near me.

GMB is also a very helpful tool because it allows people to get directions to your business. In addition, it automatically directs users to Google Maps without the need for any additional assistance.

You can get the most value of Google My Business listing by using big data and AI for its optimization. This entails that you use tools such as Grammarly that use AI algorithms to identify grammatical and spelling errors. Meanwhile, data analytics tools can also help to see commonalities between different listings ranking on the front page of Google. This includes the length of descriptions and the number of images as well.

#3. Online Reviews are Encouraged

Reviews are very important to make the business stand out by putting it above the competition. These online reviews link to your page and therefore improve off-page SEO by directing inbound traffic. Moreover, they also allow other consumers to know what the business is all about in order to gain their trust.

In today’s world, local consumers trust reviews which makes it the most critical aspect for drawing in a nearby audience. Additionally, clients and customers can leave their reviews directly on your Google My Business page. This feedback will then show up when people Google and click on your business. It will then help them to make a more informed decision whether they should utilize your services or not.

#4. Research for Area-Specific SEO Companies that Know How to Use Big Data effectively

Although SEO can seem like a challenging task, the provision of professional assistance can make it easier. Experts have the tools and knowledge that are required to make local growth possible. In addition, make sure that you work with companies that can leverage big data effectively.

Thehoth.com website, for example, offers one of the best services to a local Jacksonville market. This in turn implies that you can also purchase local SEO packages from the same provider regardless of where you are situated as it isn’t limited to a single city. This will therefore get you all the professional assistance that you require for a top-notch data-driven SEO campaign.

#5. Using Big Data for More than SEO and Local Business Ideas

Though big data is an integral and effective part of modern SEO, it still needs to be utilized wisely. Creating an SEO campaign can be a hell of a task, but there are lots of local business ideas that can help you to get your business more visibility.

Now that you have known some of the top local SEO tips in a world that are governed by big data, now is the time for you to get started.